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[동행] ‘Canoe Boy, Guanzhong’s Dream’

[동행] 'Canoe Boy, Guanzhong's Dream'<br />” src=”<figcaption>[동행]  ‘Canoe Boy, Guanzhong’s Dream’</figcaption></figure></div><p>In episode 452 of KBS’ ‘Companion’, which airs at 6 pm today (30th), the episode ‘Canoe Boy, Guan Gwan’s Dream’ will be broadcast.</p><p>√ Canoe boy, spectator</p><p>  Canoes running coolly across the Namhan River.  Among them, there is a canoe boy, Guan Gwan-i (16), who is paddling hard.  Gwan Lee first encountered canoeing as a hobby out of curiosity when he was in middle school.  After participating in the selection competition, playing an active role as a member of the youth team, and excelling by winning medals, Guan Yi is currently attending a high school where the canoe club is located and is training hard with the goal of becoming a member of the national team.  Since canoeing is a sport that requires a lot of physical strength, Guan Zhong’s small and small physique can be a disadvantage.  However, thanks to his innate tenacity, Gwanjae works out in his spare time even when others are resting, never neglects practice, and is overcoming his shortcomings through hard work.  Thanks to such efforts, he has good posture when riding a canoe and is a good example for his juniors.  It would be nice if he could focus on sports with the strong support of his parents like his other friends.  Guan Zhong receives a scholarship and prepares for each competition alone, ignoring the help of his parents.  Moreover, when he entered high school, he started working part-time at a chicken restaurant, saying he did not want to be a burden on his family.  He is a deep-hearted son who never once showed that he was having a hard time even though training alone would be difficult.</p><div style=

[동행] ‘Canoe Boy, Guanzhong’s Dream’

√ Dad’s reason for living and the driving force of his life

There is a reason why Guan Zhong has a greater sense of responsibility than his peers. Dad Yonggi (62) married his Vietnamese mother at a late age through the introduction of a matchmaker. I was grateful to the acquaintance who introduced me, and more than anything, he seemed like a nice person, so I decided to get married without much hesitation. However, from the age difference to different cultures and habits, there were more things that did not fit together than expected, and they divorced 10 years ago. My father was so busy working all his life that he never took care of the house properly. It was not easy for such a father to raise two siblings, Gwan and Hae-mi (13), on his own. My father, who suffered severe depression after divorce and was broken down both physically and mentally, had moments where he wanted to give up on his children because the reality in front of him was so difficult. Thanks to the grateful neighbors who extended a helping hand to his father, he was able to get back on his feet. He is now a father who lives harder than anyone else, farming on rented land and cleaning the welfare center every morning. For his father, children are his reason for living and the driving force of his life.

[동행] ‘Canoe Boy, Guanzhong’s Dream’

√ Dad’s efforts and Gwan’s dreams

A father who did his best at every moment to raise his children well, receiving help from the local children’s center and those around him when he faced difficulties. However, he had many shortcomings as he tried to fill his mother’s vacancy on his own. Moreover, since her second child, Hae-mi, is her daughter, she is worried that there may be things that she, as her father, cannot take care of. It is difficult for her father to buy a new school uniform for Hae-mi, who has recently grown taller. When Guan Zhong first started canoeing, his father opposed it out of concern that he might not be able to support him until the end, but now he wants to support Guan Zhong’s dream more than anyone else. Recently, we moved to a public rental house close to the school to make it easier for Guan Zhong to go to and from school, but with the money borrowed when moving, interest and farmland rent to pay every month… the burden that Dad has to bear has increased even more. In order to save a little bit of money, the father is borrowing land that is rarely used by others and cultivating it himself, and the audience knows his efforts better than anyone else. To achieve his dream of quickly becoming a member of the national canoeing team and making his family happy, Gwan-yi paddles vigorously again today.

KBS1TV’s ‘Companion’ is a program that reflects on how big a role one person’s small interest can play in the amazing changes brought about by the warmth of the community in our society.

[Queen 김경은 기자] Photo KBS1TV ‘Companion’


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