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[단독]Democratic Party urges national candidates to actively promote first lady Kim Kun-hee’s luxury bags

Party campaign committee distributes ‘general election campaign message’ to candidate camps
“Suspicions of preferential treatment for the Yangpyeong Expressway are also highlighted.”
“External pressure on Chae Sang-byeong’s investigation and the main character in the cover-up is President Yong” also stipulates

In line with the official election campaign period for the April 10 general election that began on the 28th, the Democratic Party of Korea went on the offensive, defining First Lady Kim Kun-hee’s suspicion of receiving luxury bags and preferential treatment on the Yangpyeong Expressway as a violation of the national flag. During the 13-day election campaign that started today, the Democratic Party plans to encourage candidates across the country to deliver messages centered on ‘government judgment’ and ‘recovery of the people’s livelihood and economy’.

According to the ’22nd General Election Campaign Message Reference Material’ prepared by the Democratic Party of Korea’s Election Committee and distributed to candidates’ camps across the country on this day, the Democratic Party designated Ms. Kim’s suspicion of receiving luxury bags as the third item among the 10 major misdeeds of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration and actively took action against it. We decided to go on the offensive.

Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party, visited the Sejong Traditional Market in Jochiwon-eup, Sejong City on the 14th and appealed for support with Sejong-gap candidate Lee Young-seon and Sejong-eul candidate Kang Jun-hyuk. News 1

The Democratic Party said, “The president’s wife was captured on video receiving a luxury bag as a gift. “I sent a picture of the gift through KakaoTalk and made an appointment in person,” he said. “When asked to return it now, they said it was a presidential record. “Do not look down on the people,” he emphasized.

He continued, “Ms. Kim Kun-hee should not have made an appointment at all, or should not have received a luxury bag even if they met,” and added, “It is a presidential record only if it is related to the performance of duties and has national preservation value. Is receiving a Dior bag fulfilling one’s duties? “Is the Dior bag worth national preservation?” he asked.

They also decided to urge, “The people say they can never forgive, but the President is making sophistry by saying that he cannot stop himself,” and “The President should immediately apologize to the people and Ms. Kim should be immediately investigated.”

Regarding the allegations of preferential treatment for the Yangpyeong Expressway by Ms. Kim’s family, he said, “The route that passed the preliminary feasibility study over several years was changed like a palm when the administration came into power,” and “At the end of the changed route, of course, is the land belonging to the Kim Kun-hee family. “Anyone can see that this is a route change for the Kim Kun-hee family,” he pointed out.

At the same time, “For whom is the endpoint change? “Who will receive preferential treatment?” and “The way to uncover the truth and normalize the Yangpyeong Expressway is through a government investigation.” “If President Yoon and the People Power Party are honest, accept the government investigation immediately,” he emphasized.

Regarding the controversy surrounding Ambassador to Australia Lee Jong-seop, who is being investigated by the High-ranking Public Officials Crime Investigation Office (Corruption Investigation Office) in relation to suspicions of external pressure in the investigation into the accident in which Corporal Chae Mo of the Marine Corps died in the line of duty, the Democratic Party also defined, “The real protagonist of the crime cover-up gate in the Chae Sang-byeong case is President Yoon Seok-yeol.”

The Democratic Party said, “Everything from the replacement of ministers to the appointment of the Australian ambassador went through the president’s hands,” and “the government, which helped everything from issuing diplomats’ passports to lifting the ban on leaving the country, is an accomplice.” At the same time, he said, “The key figures in the suspicion of cover-up are all on a roll,” and added, “The Democratic Party will definitely uncover the truth about the cover-up of the crime and the corruption of the national flag.”

Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party (second from the right), is giving a greeting regarding the campaign to encourage overseas Koreans to vote at the Democratic Party’s central party headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul on the 18th. Donga Ilbo DB

In addition, during the candidates’ speeches, the Democratic Party talked about risks to the people’s livelihood, dictatorship of the prosecution, subservient and incompetent diplomacy, ‘silencing’ the media and the people, risk of war in Korea, and ‘cartel appointments’ that will ruin the country. The policy is to put division of the people and collapse of democracy at the forefront. An official from the Democratic Party said, “With the general election being held in the middle of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration, calls for criticism of the regime are higher than ever before,” and added, “Throughout the election campaign, candidates across the country will issue a unified message regarding the theory of criticism of the government.”

The Democratic Party plans to deliver the day’s campaign tone to candidates nationwide every day during the election campaign period, and on the first day, the 28th, “April 10th is the day of judgment for the Yoon Seok-yeol regime” and “April 10th is the day to save the people’s livelihood and protect the people.” Instructions were issued to emphasize the message, “Mr. President, when will you control the soaring prices?”

Reporter Dabin Yoon [email protected]

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