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Who is rapper Spanian as he goes viral on TikTok, bio, real name, age, family and Instagram

The man who can attract a crowd in tough neighbourhoods is age 37 Spanian

In a popular YouTube video, rapper turned social media star Spanian says he’s going to the “most dangerous suburb in Queensland,” Logan City. Lots of people in Logan got excited to be in his video. But things got out of hand, and some people ended up fighting with the police and damaging their cars. The police charged two men, but they didn’t charge Spanian.

Who is rapper Spanian as he goes viral on TikTok, bio, real name, age, family, songs and Instagram

37-year-old Spanian makes videos called “Into The Hood” where he visits different neighbourhoods, especially ones known for crime. These videos get millions of views. He used to be in trouble with the law but now he’s a big social media star. Some people, including his old friends, feel uncomfortable about his rise to fame.

He is a social media star who used to have a management team until they dropped him because of some offensive posts he made about LGBTQ+ people during WorldPride. Despite the criticism, he still has a huge number of followers.

His name is Anthony Lees, and he grew up in Woolloomooloo, in Sydney. When he was a teenager and in juvenile detention in Western Sydney, people started calling him “Spaniard” because his dad is half-Spanish. Later, it turned into Spanian. Before he turned 30, Spanian was in and out of jail for 13 years for things like fighting, stealing from stores by crashing into them, selling drugs, and being involved in a school incident.

After getting out of prison, he started rapping and got popular on social media. But it was when he started making YouTube videos explaining stuff like how to deal with fights and run a drug operation that he really found his audience. Spanian saw that people liked this type of content, so he became like a modern-day version of Chopper Read, talking about his time in jail to get more followers. Now, he has 500,000 followers on TikTok, 600,000 on Instagram, and almost 700,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Spanian’s criminal history and book

Spanian’s history as a criminal is a big part of his image, and it’s mentioned in every news story or article about him. He wrote a book about his life called “Spanian: The Unfiltered Hood Life” in 2021, but you can’t buy it anymore because his publisher stopped selling it after the World Pride issue.

Now, if you want a copy, you might have to pay hundreds of dollars for a used one on eBay. In the book, Spanian talks about being in Cobham Youth Justice Centre as a teenager for different crimes. He was there for 28 days for a school incident with a knife, 100 days for breaking into a place, and six months for crashing a car into an ATM.

When he was an adult, he spent five months in Parklea Correctional Centre for stealing a bag outside Star City Casino in 2004. The next year, he got arrested for armed robbery and hurting someone badly on purpose. After spending 11 months in Parklea, Spanian’s case was dropped because a key witness died.

In 2006, after a police chase, he was charged with using his car dangerously, running from a crash, and driving aggressively. He tried to represent himself in court but was unsuccessful. He ended up spending 18 months in Junee Correctional Centre. Then, in 2009, he was accused of attempted murder but pleaded guilty to hurting someone recklessly. He got sentenced to three years and three months in Bathurst Correctional Centre.

After leaving Bathurst, Spanian set up a drug-selling network in Woolloomooloo. But in 2011, he got caught. He was charged with running a criminal group, selling a lot of drugs, and dealing with the money from crime. Because some of the people in his group were young, he also got charged with getting kids to help with crimes. He got sentenced to up to eight years in prison, with a minimum of four years and twelve months before he could ask to get out early.

He got released in 2017. After getting out of jail, Spanian wanted to stop being a criminal and focus on becoming famous on the internet. Spanian tried out different things on YouTube, like eating food from different countries, giving fitness tips, and hosting a podcast where he talked to other famous people. He was open to anything that would get views. But the video that got him the most was one he posted on Instagram in February 2023.

In the video, he said that the WorldPride movement was hiding bad stuff about child abuse. He also talked about using pronouns for non-binary people and said he was speaking up because he thought no one else was brave enough to say anything. After, Spanian posted the video with those views, his management company and his publisher stopped working with him. What’s strange is that just a year before, he made a podcast called “Homophobia Is Real In 2022,” where he talked about how wrong it is to treat people badly because of their sexuality.

In an interview with Vice in early 2023, Spanian talked about how staying popular online is all about getting attention, even if it’s negative. He said that when you do something bad, more people notice it than when you do something good.

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