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Yaoundé: The new face of the municipal lake finally revealed, a dazzling jewel! – 2024-03-28 03:08:29

2024-03-28 03:08:29

It is a little ecological and urban gem which emerges in the heart of the Cameroonian capital. Phase 1 of the vast tourist and economic development project for the municipal lake of Yaoundé was completed on March 26, 2024, revealing a transformed site. Gone are the stagnant stretch of water and the unsanitary surroundings, making way for a green setting conducive to relaxation and leisure. As the Minister of Housing and Urban Development noted with satisfaction during her reception visit, the work has kept all its promises. A success which is part of the ambitious program to modernize Cameroonian cities driven by President Paul Biya.

An unrecognizable municipal lake

For Yaoundéans, it is a visual shock. They, who had become accustomed to rubbing shoulders with an abandoned municipal lake, drowned in waste and vegetation, discovered a site radiating cleanliness and beauty. “It’s a real resurrection, we no longer recognize our lake”marvels Rudy, a long-time local resident. “Before it was a foul-smelling dump, today it’s a postcard for the city”.

It must be said that the work carried out in record time is sure to impress, as confirmed by The banks have been completely redeveloped with walks, green spaces and state-of-the-art play areas. The water, long polluted, has been cleaned up thanks to an innovative system of natural filtration by plants. As for the anarchic constructions which marred the site, they were razed to make way for modern and ecological infrastructure.

A new green lung for Yaoundéans

With its 16 hectares nestled between Boulevard du 20 Mai and the Nlongkak district, this new version of the municipal lake has everything of a green lung for the capital. “The idea was to make it a place of breathing and conviviality for the inhabitants”, explains an official from the Ministry of Housing. “A space where you can come and recharge your batteries, play sports, have a picnic with family or friends.”

And from this point of view, the bet seems successful given the enthusiasm of Yaoundéans who are already flocking to the barely reopened site. Here, we come to test the brand new nautical infrastructures with pedal boats and small electric boats. There, we sit on the terrace of one of the brand new restaurants that line the lake. Further on, you can take advantage of the sports facilities for jogging or an outdoor fitness session.

A new tourist and economic attraction

Beyond its social and ecological function, this revamped municipal lake also aims to become an economic engine and a tourist showcase for Yaoundé. With its leisure facilities and its breathtaking view of the green hills of the capital, the site has all the assets to attract local and international visitors. The new hotel and commercial infrastructures have already attracted many investors attracted by the potential of the place.

“It’s a fantastic development lever for the entire sector,” welcomes the tourism delegate of the Central region. “With the municipal lake, Yaoundé has acquired a major attraction which will boost urban tourism and create hundreds of direct and indirect jobs“. Enough to delight traders and artisans in the surrounding areas who are banking on this providential windfall to boost their activity.

Yaoundé, showcase of urban modernization in Cameroon

But this success owes nothing to chance. It is the fruit of the proactive policy of modernization of Cameroonian cities driven at the highest level of the State. Part of the vast plan “Yaoundé city of lights”, the municipal lake rehabilitation project benefits from an investment of more than 10 billion FCFA. A substantial envelope which testifies to the presidential ambition to make the capital a showcase for the emergence of the country.

And that’s just the beginning. After this unrecognizable municipal lake, other equally strategic projects are in the pipeline. With the aim of improving the environment and quality of life of city dwellers. “Yaoundé is our laboratory, our proof by example”insists the Minister of Housing. “Here we are laying the foundations for the Cameroonian city of tomorrow: greener, more sustainable, more pleasant to live in”. A titanic and exhilarating challenge.

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