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Why they started an investigation into the clinic where Kate Middleton had surgery – 2024-03-31 10:57:09

2024-03-31 10:57:09

In the midst of the crisis facing the Royal Family, a new aspect that affects the Princess of Wales was revealed in the British press.

Kate Middleton is once again in the eye of the public hurricane after the British data watchdog opened an investigation into the hacking attempt which was registered at the clinic where the operation was performed on January 16, by the health center staff.

The alarms were activated after the hospital management reported that at least one of the workers del London Clinic Hospital iwill try to access your medical history.

During all this time, Kensington Palace only reported that the Princess of Wales had surgery, without giving more details. Then, she said that her recovery was taking place at her house and that was evolving well.

All the secrecy about the princess’s health generated all kinds of rumors, conspiracies and a great restlessness among the British and world population, who demand more information.

The London Clinic

According to the exclusive that the British newspaper Daily Mirror has given, a internal source of the institution He said that “it is a serious security breach which is incredibly damaging to the hospital, given its impeccable reputation for treat members of the Royal Family“.

The same hospital center opened an internal investigationbut at the same time has not given more details about the incident.

On the other hand, the same source assured the British media The Mirror that “he firmly believes that all his patients, Whatever their social status, they deserve complete privacy and confidentiality regarding your medical information.”

The London Clinic has been the preferred hospital establishment for members of the Royal House and the British political class for decades for his discretion and privacy.

So much Isabel II like her husband Philip of Edinburgh and some prime ministers like Anthony Eden o Clement Attleewere part of his patient list.

A possible end to speculation

According to The Times newspaper, the communications team of the princes of Wales are looking at the possibility of Kate Middleton making her first official public appearance on March 31Easter Sunday.

Although, the viralized video this Monday, March 18, by The Sun, where the couple is shown together and happy, has caused a certain calm in the British press, It didn’t work at all for the international mediaespecially on social networks.

Immediately X Internet users They questioned the authenticity of the video recorded by a witness from his vehicle.

This is why Kate’s public appearance on Easter Sunday It would be a new but feasible attempt to temper the crisisgiven that would not alter the original plans that the princess of Wales return to public activity after school holidays, i.e. starting next April 17.

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