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Who is Zoraya Ter Beek as she opts for euthanasia, bio, age, boyfriend and Instagram

Zoraya Ter Beek, an age 28-year-old woman from the Netherlands, is ending her life because she’s very sad and struggles a lot with her feelings.

Zoraya Ter Beek is not sick in her body, but her mind hurts a lot. She lives with her boyfriend and two cats, and she loves them, but her pain is too much to bear.

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Who is Zoraya Ter Beek of Netherlands as she opts for euthanasia, bio, age, boyfriend and Instagram

So, with the help of doctors, she has decided to peacefully stop living in May. The 28 year old lives near the Dutch-German border with her 40-year-old boyfriend and two cats.

Zoraya Ter Beek wanted to help people with their feelings by becoming a psychiatrist. But she has always had a hard time with her own feelings. She’s been sad and struggling with her mind for a long time. Her doctors told her that they couldn’t make her feel better, no matter what they tried.

Zoraya said that if things didn’t improve, she couldn’t keep living like this. People in the West are choosing to die because they can’t handle the pain of mental health problems like depression or anxiety, even though these problems could be treated. These issues are made worse by things like not having enough money, worries about the environment, spending too much time on social media, and other problems.

Stef Groenewoud, a health care ethicist at Theological University Kampen in the Netherlands, sees euthanasia as becoming a more accepted option suggested by doctors and psychiatrists, whereas before, it was seen as the very last choice.

Ter Beek intends to have her remains cremated following the euthanasia procedure while resting on her living room sofa.

“No music,” she insisted. The doctor will give her a medicine to make her sleepy, and then another medicine to stop her heart. Her boyfriend will stay with her until the end.

“I was always very clear that if it doesn’t get better, I can’t do this anymore,” Ter Beek said.

Are suicides legal?

The Netherlands was the first country in the world to make assisted suicide legal in 2001. Since then, more and more people have chosen euthanasia as an option. In the year 2022, the Netherlands recorded 8,720 cases of euthanasia, reflecting the country’s nuanced approach to end-of-life care. That’s about 5% of all the deaths in the country, which is up from 4% the year before.

In February, the 93-year-old former Dutch Prime Minister Dries van Agt and his wife died together by euthanasia while holding hands. Critics of suicide legalization believe that laws like this make people feel like they should end their lives. They say the increase in suicides is like a contagious illness.

Ter Beek criticized the Free Press article on Twitter and said she’s quitting social media before she dies.

“I’m a little afraid of dying, because it’s the ultimate unknown,” she said.

If you’re having thoughts about hurting yourself or going through a tough time with your mental health in New York City, you can call 1-888-NYC-WELL. It’s free and confidential, and you can talk to someone who can help you. If you’re not in New York City, you can call the National Suicide Prevention hotline anytime at 1-800-273-8255, or visit for support.

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