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Who is Suchitrha Kumar to be wife of Indian actor Kishen Das as their engagement pictures go viral

We examine the bio. age, relationship history of Indian actor Kishen Das, who proposed to his longtime friend and now to be wife Suchitrha Kumar

Renowned actor and emerging content creator, Kishen Das, widely recognized for his captivating performance in “Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee,” recently announced his engagement to his longtime companion, Suchitrha Kumar, through his social media channels. This revelation drew comparisons between his own love story and the compelling narrative of Dhanush and Nithya Menen’s “Thiruchitrambalam.”

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Who is Suchitrha Kumar to be wife of Indian actor Kishen Das as their engagement pictures go viral on Instagram

While his girlfriend and now to be wife Suchitrha Kumar is Kishen’s best friend, nothing else has been revealed about her as the two get engaged.

Who is Kishen Das?

Kishen, born on April 26, 1997, in Chennai, hails from a family deeply rooted in the arts. His mother, Brinda Das, is celebrated for her roles in both theatre and television. His journey into the world of performance began during his school days at Chettinad Vidyashram, where he was mentored by Mr. Jayakumar Janakiraman of the esteemed Koothupattarai.

It was during this time that Kishen discovered his passion for acting, becoming an active participant in Chennai’s vibrant theatre scene throughout his college years. After pursuing a degree in Visual Communication at Loyola College, Chennai, Kishen set out in search of professional opportunities. It was during this quest that he crossed paths with Fully Filmy.

we examine the personal life details about Kishen:
  • Born: 26 April 1997
  • Age: 26-years-old
  • Birthplace: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Nationality Indian
  • Occupation(s) Actor, Host , Model, Social Media Influencer
  • Partner: Suchitrha Kumar
  • Parent: Brinda Das

Kishen Das: movie career and achievements

On the professional horizon, Kishen recently wrapped up filming his latest endeavor, “Eerapadham Kaatru Mazhai,” a compelling psychological drama helmed by debut director Saleem R Baadshah. It’s worth noting that Vetri takes on the lead role, with Deepthie Orintelu delivering a noteworthy performance in a key supporting role.

Hailing from a prestigious lineage of theater and television luminaries, which includes Brinda Das, Kishen has established himself as a versatile actor and a rising star in the realm of YouTube. Moreover, he has showcased his hosting prowess through his YouTube talk series, “Menu Please,” engaging in insightful conversations with industry stalwarts such as Vijay Sethupathi, Anil Kapoor, Neeraj Madhav, and Shahid Kapoor.

Kishen’s innovative marketing approach for his horror film “Sync” is truly noteworthy. Despite having a modest budget of only ₹1500, he devised a grassroots promotional strategy. This involved the creation of numerous accounts across various streaming platforms, through which he shared exclusive passwords with his followers, relying solely on organic word-of-mouth.


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