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Who is Sean Herman as MNPD police officer is fired for shooting video with OF model Jordin

Sean Herman, a Nashville police officer was fired after his video with OF model Jordin went viral

A police officer was terminated from his position after appearing in a risqué skit on OF, where he is seen groping a woman’s br**sts during a simulated traffic stop.

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Sean Herman’s identity was exposed when a brief moment revealed his Metro Nashville Police Department patch on his uniform.

Who is Sean Herman as MNPD Nashville police officer is fired for shooting video with OF model Jordin

The incident took place on Wednesday when Sean Herman, a three-year veteran of the police department, was revealed to be the individual allegedly involved in contributing to the “production” of a fake traffic stop and appearing in OF model Jordin’s video.

The video, titled ‘Can’t believe he didn’t arrest me,’ was posted by OF personality Jordin. Upon discovering the footage on Wednesday, police promptly dismissed Herman the following day.

Authorities Condemn the Incident

Authorities condemned the incident as deeply disrespectful to the Metro Nashville Police Department and its personnel.

The video, filmed approximately two weeks prior, depicts Jordin seated in the driver’s seat as Herman approaches, prompted by her passenger’s complaint about speeding. ‘I’m not going to get a ticket…I’m going to show him my t**s,’ she remarked.

What Exactly Happened?

Although Herman’s face and most of his uniform remain concealed throughout the video, he identifies himself as ‘Officer Johnson of PD.’

He alleges Jordin was driving 65 mph in a 45 zone and requests her license and registration. Claiming she doesn’t have them, Jordin exposes her br**sts instead.

Herman retorts, ‘Ma’am, it’s 2024. I can view such content online anytime.’ She challenges him, asking what if he touched them, to which he complies.

Herman proceeds to reach into the car, gr*ping both her br**sts and then his g*nitals through his pants.

He concludes by letting her off with a warning and departs, leaving Jordin’s passenger astonished.

A glimpse of the MNPD patch during Herman’s interaction with the car window provided crucial evidence for his identification and subsequent investigation. He had been with the force for three years.

A purported comment from Jordin on a Reddit thread discussing Herman’s dismissal suggests that the encounter was consensual and filmed off-duty on private property. She contends that his termination was unjustified.

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