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Who is Pavithra Gowda, biography, age, height, family, first husband, daughter and Instagram

Have a look at the bio, age and height of Pavithra Gowda

Recently, Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa made news after being arrested for allegedly being involved in a murder case in Karnataka. Significant progress has been made in the case because the police also detained Darshan’s longtime partner, Pavithra Gowda.

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Actor Pavithra Gowda and other people have reportedly been placed under arrest, according to a media report. Regarding Pavithra and Darshan, accounts differ; some refer to her as his spouse, while others refer to her as his long-term partner. The public’s interest has been captivated by the specifics of their arrest and the accusations they are facing. The victims is from Chitradurga. He was in his late thirties and his name was Renuka Swamy.

Who is actress Pavithra Gowda, biography, age, height, family, first husband, daughter and Instagram

54-year-old Pavithra Gowda was born on January 1, 1970. She is 5ft 6in tall. Sanjay Singh was the first husband of Pavithra Gowda. When she was only eighteen, according to reports, they married out of love and Sanjay Singh had a grocery store in Chamarajpet.

Afterwards, Pavithra filed for divorce from him and started dating well-known Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa.

Khushi Gowda is Pavitra Gowda’s daughter from her first marriage. There were rumours that the couple’s separation was due to their boredom with one another. Since their divorce, Pavitra has lived with her daughter.

She came to light earlier this year when she posted pictures of herself with actor Darshan, seemingly implying that the two of them had been dating for ten years and with reports stating she had an affair with him while being married.

Her social media has also generated controversy in the past. Similar conversations were sparked by a profile picture of the two in 2017, which she eventually deleted in response to criticism from Darshan’s followers.

Pavithra Gowda career

Indian actor and fashion designer Pavithra Gowda is known for her involvement the South Indian film industry. Her skills have been displayed in Kannada films like “Agamya,” “Chatrigalu Saar Chatrigalu,” and “Saaguva Daariyalli.”

In 2016, Pavithra made her Kollywood debut in the film “54321”. Pavithra Gowda is currently pursuing a career in fashion design and running her own company, Red Carpet Studio. Here, she focuses on making traditional sarees for well-known actors in the business.

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