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Who is Lucian Grainge as Universal Music CEO is named in Diddy lawsuit, bio, age, wife, religion, salary and net worth

Lucian Grainge who is a Jew by religion is a British record executive and music businessman

Find out more about him and his recent controversy.

Accusations have emerged against Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group (UMG), and the label itself, alleging collaboration in rapper P Diddy’s alleged se*ual misconduct.

Attorney Tyrone Blackburn brought these allegations in court on behalf of former producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, one of Diddy’s accusers. Billboard reports that Grainge’s legal team has angrily denied Blackburn’s accusations, calling them “offensively false” and devoid of any real factual or legal support.

Who is Lucian Grainge as Universal Music CEO is named in Diddy lawsuit, bio, age, family, wife, religion, salary and net worth

They have said that they will take legal action against Blackburn and that they will soon be launching a request for sanctions against him.

Representing Grainge and UMG, Donald Zarkin stressed the obligations that come with having a legal license and denounced Blackburn for allegedly abusing this power for personal gain. Zarkin accused Blackburn of wrongly attributing criminal actions to the UMG defendants, characterizing Blackburn’s charges as irresponsible and unjustified.

Since then, Lucian Grainge has become a hot topic of discussion all over the world with many people trying to learn more about him. So, let’s find out everything about him:

Who is Lucian Grainge?

Lucian Grainge is a well-known British record executive and music businessman. He has been in the news because he allegedly abetted rapper P Diddy’s alleged se*ual misconduct.

His full name is Sir Lucian Charles Grainge and he grew up in a Jewish household. He was born on 29 February 1960 in London, England. While not much is known about his family, it is known that he has one older brother named Nigel Grainge, who is the founder of Ensign Records.

He married twice. He first married Samantha Berg. Nevertheless, she had difficulties giving birth to their baby Elliot, went into a coma, and passed away. He later married Caroline, his second wife, and the two of them have two children, Alice and Betsy.

He is currently 64 years old and is a Jew by religion.

His career

Following his departure from Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for Boys, Lucian Grainge ascended through the ranks of the music industry, beginning in 1978 as a runner at MPC.

Before joining Polydor, he was able to gain prestigious positions at RCA Music Publishing, MCA Records, PolyGram Music Publishing, and CBS Records. He was appointed chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group (UMG) in 2011.

Grainge supervised UMG’s acquisition of EMI’s Recorded Music division and increased the company’s online footprint by forming alliances with internet firms. As a reward for his services to the business, he was knighted, among other honors. He has received recognition for his contributions to the music industry, including Billboard’s Executive of the Decade award.

The net worth of Lucian Grainge

His net worth is estimated to be about $250 million and Grainge´s annual salary under the new agreement in 2023 was reduced by more than two-thirds from his previous salary, to USD $5 million. Subject to the achievement of performance criteria, he is also be eligible for an annual bonus with a target of $10 million.

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