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Who is Kashaan Parks suspect seen in viral Bronx, NYC woman lasso assault video

The video of Kashaan Parks from Bronx, NY has gone viral on Twitter/X

Authorities are on the lookout for a man accused of using his belt as a weapon, allegedly choking a woman until she lost consciousness and then s*xually assaulting her on a street in the Bronx last week.

Who is Kashaan Parks suspect seen in viral Bronx, NYC woman brutal lasso assault video

Identified as 39 year old Kashaan Parks, detectives revealed late Friday that he has a history of five prior arrests, as reported by the NYPD, and is now wanted in connection with what authorities describe as a heinous crime.

As per authorities, the 39-year-old suspect has a prior history of at least 5 arrests. Although a viral video shows that the purported individual is captured by locals, however, according to the police, the suspect is still on the run.

Witnesses Recount

Residents in the vicinity, near East 152nd Street and Third Avenue, echoed similar sentiments, shocked by the brutality of the incident.

“I was truly stunned to witness someone employ a belt—a weapon—like that around somebody’s neck,” remarked Darlene Jackson, a long-time resident of the area.

“You’re defenseless against it, especially if you’re caught off guard.”

Video Went Viral

According to police and a widely circulated video, a man wrapped a belt around a woman’s neck and dragged her unconscious body between parked cars before committing the assault.

In the surveillance footage, the victim is seen attempting to remove the belt as the assailant pulls her to the ground. Subsequently, he drags her between vehicles and perpetrates the s*xual assault, detectives reported.

The Incident occurred around 5 a.m. on May 1, a time when many residents, like Minnie Williams, expressed deep concern for safety. “People could be heading to work at that hour,” Williams remarked. “It’s truly disheartening.”

With the suspect still at large, numerous women in the area, including Williams, conveyed a heightened sense of insecurity.

“After witnessing the video,” shared a resident named Joannie, “I’ve been hesitant to venture outside, fearing what might happen to me, like what happened to this poor lady.”

Authorities disclosed on Friday afternoon that the victim, a 45-year-old woman, is acquainted with her assailant from the neighborhood.

They further revealed that after regaining consciousness, she sought medical attention at Lincoln Hospital, located just four blocks away.

This proactive step garnered praise from advocates for survivors of s*xual assault. “To seek medical attention, involve the authorities, and seek assistance for herself,” Amadeo commended, “was a remarkable act of self-care.”

Detectives noted that initially, the woman did not report the crime but disclosed the incident upon being apprehended recently for a separate offense.

They emphasized the severity of the crime depicted in the video, showcasing the intense violence inflicted upon the victim.

According to Amadeo, the video serves as a testament to the resilience of survivors, illustrating the importance of seeking help and speaking out.

“This individual sought assistance, this individual spoke out,” Amadeo emphasized. “It sends a powerful message to other survivors of s*xual assault, offering hope for justice and empowerment.”

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