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Who is fashion designer Nancy Tyagi, biography, age, height, income, net worth and Instagram

Nancy Tyagi is a popular internet personality from India who went viral for creating outfits from scratch, find out more about her below along with her biography and net worth

Tyagi initially started out as a regular content creator, making transition reels, but eventually decided to start doing something unique.

Who is fashion designer Nancy Tyagi set to make her Cannes debut, biography, age, height, income, net worth and Instagram

Nancy gained prominence for her 100-day challenge YouTube series, where she shares long-format videos of her designing outfits from scratch.

Nancy Tyagi bio and age

Nancy Tyagi is a popular Indian influencer and content creator who hails from Johri Enclave, Northeast Delhi. She is currently 23-years-old and she is a self-taught designer, who initially did not start out with an interest for fashion. Nancy was originally from Baghpat district in Uttar Pradesh, and moved to Delhi in 2020 to pursue her UPSC dreams.

Despite coming to Delhi with a lot of ambition, she soon met with a lot troubles. Her mother, Maya, who worked as a primary school teacher in her hometown, lost her job due to the pandemic. As a result, she couldn’t support her financially and was forced to work in an e-waste factory.

Nancy Tyagi influencer career

Faced with a lot of financial burden, Tyagi eventually turned to social media to start earning some income. Nancy started out by posting regular fashion transition videos while simultaneously preparing for the UPSC examination. She once shared:

As a kid, I would design outfits for my Barbie dolls on a sewing machine, but I never had formal training,”

At the young age of 21, Tyagi started designing her own clothes, while her brother, Aahan, who was just 19 at that time, documented the process and posted it on Instagram. The pair eventually started gaining an audience but often faced a lot of backlash as well. Tyagi was often body-shamed for “being too skinny to carry an outfit”. Moreover, despite getting a better reach, it was still not enough to generate income. In spite of all these challenges, she has found major success today, and has gone on to receive acclaim from the likes of celebrities like Rheson, Rhea Kapoor, and Guneet Monga.


Nancy currently earns a whopping Rs.3 lakh a month from her online content, with over 1.06 million subscribers on her YouTube channel but her net worth isn’t known.

Nancy Tyagi brand collaborations

Nancy Tyagi has several brand collaborations with big names like Google India, Tata CLiQ, Nivea, Dot & Key, Pond’s and many others. She has notably managed to generate income for both herself and her family through them. She once shared:

I now earn enough to sustain my family and their needs. My mother has been my unwavering support, so I wanted to do something for her. I wanted her to rest and live a better life. Seeing her work hard in a factory, then come back home, tired, broke my heart.”

Notably, Nancy has dreams of one day having her own label stating:

I’ve been dreaming about starting my label. I talk about it with my brother every day. If I ever have my label, I’d want it to carry my name, something like what Manish Malhotra has done.”

Nancy Tyagi Instagram

Nancy Tyagi has an Instagram account @nancytyagi_, where she has over 834k followers.

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