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Who is Ekta Kapur ex-wife of chef Kunal Kapur as he’s granted divorce on grounds of cruelty

Ekta Kapur is the ex-wife of celebrity chef Kunal Kapur

Find out more about her and her divorce. 

In a notable ruling, the Delhi High Court granted celebrity chef Kunal Kapur a divorce on grounds of cruelty, highlighting the damaging impact of baseless accusations in marital disputes.

Who is Ekta Kapur ex-wife of celebrity chef Kunal Kapur as he’s granted divorce on grounds of cruelty

The division bench stressed that although Ekta Kapur, his estranged wife, lacked hard proof to back up her accusations, she had made “wild allegations” against him in an attempt to damage his image.

The court denounced this kind of behavior, saying that unfounded charges do permanent damage to a person’s image and are harsh in marriage. The bench overturned the family court’s ruling and reaffirmed that it is improper to make public accusations of defamation against a spouse.

With both sides accusing the other of wrongdoing, the case highlighted the difficulties of committed partnerships. Since then, Kunal Kapur’s estranged wife, Ekta Kapur, has become a hot topic of discussion, with many people trying to learn more about her. So, let’s find ouut everything about her:

Who is Ekta Kapur?

Ekta Kapur is renowned for being the wife of celebrity chef Kunal Kapur. She has been in the news because the court granted Kunal Kapur a divorce on grounds of cruelty by her.

Kunal and Ekta exchanged vows in 2008. Soon in 2012, their son Ranbir Kapur was born. But after over a decade of marriage, their scandal-plagued marriage fell apart.

For those who are unaware, Kunal Kapur is renowned for his culinary skills. His love of cooking began at an early age and helped him rise to prominence as one of India’s most renowned chefs. Devoted to philanthropy, he uses his experience to mentor young people from disadvantaged and unemployed backgrounds while also establishing sustainable food businesses in collaboration with United Ways Delhi. He is also renowned for his appearance on the reality TV show Master Chef India as one of the judges.

Kunal said before the HC that Ekta Kapur had never respected his parents and had humiliated him. However, Ekta claimed that he was making “false allegations” in order to “mislead the court” and alleged that he had “been dishonest as a parent and lacked respect for the institution of marriage.”

Ultimately, the court announced its verdict in favor of Kunal Kapoor.

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