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Who is Dr Tayler Timmons girlfriend of Terrel Bernard, bio, education, job and Instagram

Here is all you need to know about American linebacker Terrel Bernard’s girlfriend Tayler Timmons

Terrel Bernard has had an incredible year because, in addition to having had a standout season on the field, the Buffalo Bills linebacker recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend.

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The happy news was announced on Instagram by Bernard’s girlfriend. She shared a picture with the caption, “TB coming soon.” The couple is seen grinning at the camera as she flashes the engagement ring.

Who is Dr Tayler Timmons the girlfriend of Terrel Bernard, bio, education, job and Instagram

Bernard and Timmons had a very long history together. They fell in love while attending Baylor University and later maintained their relationship at La Porte High School in Texas, where they were crowned Homecoming king and queen. While their lovestory is currently in talks, let us have a look at who the American football player’s fiancée is as she has frequently appeared in Bernard’s games and now is preparing to tie the knot.

Who is Tayler Timmons?

Tayler Timmons, a doctor of physical therapy, is the to be wife of American linebacker Terrel Bernard. She has been his long time girlfriend until the two got engaged. She is a graduate of Health Science/Pre-Physical Therapy.

Tayler continued to the university for her PhD after completing her graduate studies. According to Timmons’ LinkedIn page, she worked for Houston Stellar LLC for two different periods: before college as an assistant volleyball coach and during college as a facility coordinator and receptionist. Additionally, she worked as an office assistant for CPAs Hammack & Co.

On her official Instagram account with the username @taylertimmoms3, she has around 3.5k followers as of this writing. She is often seen donning Bulls jersey supporting her soon to be husband in stands.

Tayler is very fond of Bernard as we can see alot of pictures of her with the footballer posted on the account. Either it’s while the game, or it’s outside the game, the two are often seen giving each other company.

When she is not work or in game supporting Bernard, Tayler loves travelling with her friends and fiancée all across the world. Not much is known about her personal life.


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