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Who is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan singer of Bado Badi song, biography, age, real name, father, brother and wife

Have a look at the father, brother, wife and family of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

The catchy track of “Haye Haye Oye Oye Haye… Bado Badi” is resonating across India, dominating the feeds of Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms.

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The Pakistani song “Bado Badi,” has become a viral sensation in India. Despite some users reporting it causing trauma and headaches, “Bado Badi” has found its niche as the perfect backdrop for meme pages in the country.

Who is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan singer of Bado Badi song, biography, age, real name, Instagram, father, brother and wife

Influencers and social media enthusiasts are capitalizing on its popularity, incorporating it into their reels, resulting in widespread circulation of their videos.

Released just four weeks ago on Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s YouTube channel, “Bado Badi” has experienced a meteoric rise in views, largely propelled by Indian meme pages and influencers. The spotlight now turns to Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, the singer behind “Bado Badi.”

Here In this article, we will provide you with every necessary detail related to Fateh Ali Khan including his age, wife, height, career and education.

Who is Chahat Fateh Ali Khan?

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, the renowned Pakistani musician, entered the world on March 3, 1965, in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Khan, whose real name is known as Kashif Rana, is a singer and social media influencer from Pakistan.

Khan gained widespread recognition for his contributions to the popular PSL league and various music genres.

Following the viral success of his song “Bado Badi,” rumors have swirled on social media platforms suggesting that he is the brother of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. However, these rumors are unfounded, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is neither the brother nor a relative of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. His father’s name is Ali Khan.

The 59-year-old resides in Gujranwala, Pakistan. As of now, there is not any information available about Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s wife or spouse.

The 5-foot-8-inch tall singer has completed his studies at the London School of Economics. Upon his return from studies in England, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan joined the Lahore cricket team.

However, during the lockdown period, he pivoted towards creating music videos, which swiftly gained popularity.

Subsequently, he grabbed attention under his stage moniker, Ali Khan, making headlines in the music industry. Returning to Khan’s viral track “Bado Badi” has amassed a remarkable 7.2 million views on YouTube.

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