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Who is Bryan Bozzi Ferrari’s new race engineer for Charles Leclerc, bio, education and career

Here is all you need to know about Bryan Bozzi, Charles Leclerc’s new Ferrari engineer including his bio and career 

Ferrari made another big announcement regarding Charles Leclerc’s future on the same day the red vehicle took part in an FIA test session at Fiorano.

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Xavi Marcos will no longer be the Monegasque driver’s track engineer starting next weekend in Imola. No one, of course, expected Marcos to leave so quickly and for someone else to take over immediately.

Who is Bryan Bozzi Ferrari’s new F1 race engineer for Charles Leclerc, bio, education and career

The Spanish engineer was replaced as Leclerc’s Performance Engineer by Bryan Bozzi, a longtime member of the Monegasque team. A statement by Ferrari read: 

Scuderia Ferrari HP announces that, as of Monday 13 May, Xavi Marcos will bring his valuable experience gained as a race engineer with the Formula 1 team to the development of other important company programmes.”

The statement continued: 

Scuderia Ferrari HP announces that Bryan Bozzi, who has worked in the team for ten years, currently as Performance Engineer to Charles Leclerc, will now take on the role of his Race Engineer as from next weekend’s Gran Premio del Made in Italy and dell’Emilia-Romagna at Imola.”

Now that he will soon be leading Leclerc as his race engineer, here is all you need to know about him.

Who is Bryan Bozzi?

Bryan Bozzi is a Formula 1 engineer hailing from Italy. He completed his education at The University of Bath. He then went on to do Mechanical Engineering and graduated with an honors degree.

Bryan Bozzi has spent more than ten years working with Ferrari. Initially, he worked as an R&D engineer for wind tunnels. After two years of service, he was promoted to the position of aero track group engineer. His next venture was race engineering. His most recent position was performance engineer for Charles Leclerc. 

His first two years on the Ferrari team began in 2012 when he was hired to work at the Maranello wind tunnel. After this, he relocated to collaborate with the team more closely. In December 2014, he joined the Ferrari aerodynamics group, where he stayed until November 2018. His job as a “racing” engineer put him in contact with the drivers, especially the Monegasque. 


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