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what was not seen about Podemos Hablar – 2024-05-13 12:03:28

2024-05-13 12:03:28

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This, after Carla Jara reiterated in the middle of the broadcast of the CHV program that her ex-partner owed her money.

This Sunday the long-awaited interview with Francisco Kaminski was broadcast on Podemos Hablar, where the conversation focused on his marital breakdown with Carla Jara.

However, a topic that the debate took place were the words of the former Mekano girl, who reiterated in the middle of the broadcast of the Chilevisión program, that His now ex-partner owed him money.

In this regard, Julio César Rodríguez delved into this situation and acknowledged that although they touched on the issue of the million-dollar debts that would afflict Francisco Kaminski, in the end this part was not aired.

The entertainer indicated in Contigo en la Mañana that, despite the fact that KAminski ruled out any type of financial debt with Jara and that she did not pay him for the aforementioned family trip to Brazil, This viralized evidence that would show the opposite.

“It seems that you get the comment that Kaminski says that it is not so, that she invited him to Brazil, and sends a screenshot with the ticket and transfers,” Rodríguez pointed out.

Along these lines, Julius Caesar explains that “There is a part that does not appear, because the program continued later. Between the minutes that they are not there, I ask Francisco Kaminski about the debt of such and such a person, such and such… he comments on those debts that have been made public.”

Rodríguez explained that these questions were not aired to focus on the marital crisis with Carla Jara, but she “He puts the issue back on the table, because (Francisco) supposedly owed a makeup artist, other people, a car company. So she just says he owes me money”.

For its part, the CHV morning newspaper assured that Francisco Kaminski’s debts would exceed 20 million pesos, where 17 million correspond to factoring.

However, despite this situation, an image of Kaminski and Camila Andrade buying jewelry in a store in a shopping center in the eastern sector of the capital went viral on social networks.

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