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What is the bowling speed of Harshit Rana and what is his fastest ball

Have a look at the bowling speed and fastest ball of Harshit Rana

Rana had courted controversy during KKR’s opener by giving a flying-kiss send-off to Mayank Agarwal after dismissing him, sparking a storm of criticism on social media and drawing ire from cricket experts. The incident didn’t escape the notice of the IPL authorities either, as Rana faced repercussions in the form of heavy fines for breaching the IPL Code of Conduct.

What is the bowling speed of KKR cricketer Harshit Rana and what is his fastest ball

Rana has earned a name for himself due to his bowling speed with him comfortable touching the 140 kmph range persistently. He bowled his fastest delivery in the IPL in 2022 when he touched the 144.4 kmph mark.

Rana was penalized for two Level 1 offenses under Article 2.5 of the IPL’s Code of Conduct, resulting in fines amounting to 10 percent and 50 percent of his match fees, respectively. Despite the backlash, Rana seemed unfazed as he took the field for KKR’s next match against RCB.

During the game, a notable interaction unfolded between Harshit Rana and none other than former RCB skipper and Indian cricket icon Virat Kohli. In the midst of the action, Kohli was seen engaging in a friendly exchange with Rana, who appeared to be in good spirits and was all smiles despite the recent controversy surrounding him.

The moment occurred in the second over of the match when Kohli, facing Rana’s delivery, managed to push for a single. As they completed the run, Kohli was observed having a word with Rana, who reciprocated with a smile, showcasing a congenial atmosphere between the two players.

However, it wasn’t just a casual chat that caught the eye of spectators. Moments later, when RCB captain Faf du Plessis attempted a boundary off Rana’s bowling, the bowler exacted his revenge by dismissing du Plessis with a well-executed slower delivery. It was a testament to Rana’s competitive spirit and his ability to bounce back despite facing criticism.

The interaction between Kohli and Harshit also drew comparisons to a past incident involving Afghanistan’s pacer Naveen Ul Haq. Last season, Naveen found himself embroiled in controversy after a confrontation with Kohli during a match with the only difference was Harshit or Kohli did not choose to escalate.

As the IPL season progresses, moments like these provide insight into the spirit of the sport and the values it upholds. Regardless of past controversies, players have the opportunity to redefine their narratives through their actions on the field, fostering a culture of mutual respect and admiration among competitors. Harshit Rana currently stands on 2nd place in the Purple cap list while Virat Kohli’s performance has pushed him back at the top of the Orange cap list.

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