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What is known about the “important” announcement by the British Royal Family that would be revealed in these days – 2024-03-28 10:27:52

2024-03-28 10:27:52

Rumors in the British press range from an eventual separation between Kate and William, to the possible return of Harry and Meghan.

According to the international media Forbes, the BBC I would be on alert before an important announcement of the British royal familyand that will be related to Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William.

In the midst of a series of speculations about the absence of the Princess of Wales in front of the cameras, and a failed photograph for Mother’s Day, the state station would have been instructed to be prepared to report news of great importance.

The last time this happened was a month agoin February, when it was reported that King Charles had cancer.

The rumors that are being considered before the announcement of the Royal Family

Although the information that will be delivered on this occasion is not yet revealedsome British media speculate that it could be the couple who will succeed the current kings.

Likewise, some do not lose hope that they will announce the return of Harry y Meghan Markle as active members of the Royal Family.

There are even those who speak of a eventual separation in between Kate Middleton y Williamwhich would explain its disappearance from the public eye.

On the other hand, another option would be that it is not about anything related to Kate, but rather to King Charles III and a possible update of your health status.

The latest news about Kate Middleton

While there is speculation about the unexpected statement, the British newspaper The Sun published that Kate Middleton had seen happy, healthy and relaxed with William in a farm store near Adelaide Cottage last Saturday.

Although there is no photograph At this time, witnesses told the media that seeing her outside her house is great news. In this way, she lets us glimpse that her return to public life would be closer and closer.

The Princess of Wales is expected to resume her institutional functions and activities starting April 17when his three children return to Lambrook school, after the Easter holidays.

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