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What is handicap at Betsson?

The world of sports betting is fascinating, the number of markets never ceases to surprise us and a very popular one is Betsson handicap.

Exclusive for users over 18 years of age from CABA and the Province of Buenos Aires

Handicap betting has its own rules and it is necessary to know them in depth to use them to your advantage.

Although Betsson handicap may seem complicated to understand at first, you will see how easy it is when you start using it. The Asian handicap can be applied in various disciplines and that is why it is important to begin to understand it.

In this guide on handicap betting you will know when it is advisable to apply it, the different variants, conditions and more. We have done our best to let you know everything about how the Asian handicap works.

What is a handicap bet?

If we go directly to the translator, he will tell us that handicap is a word from English that means “disadvantage”, until then nothing tells us about the word. However, it has a lot to do with it, given that handicap bets equalize differences, putting the strongest at a disadvantage.

Well, that depends on which way you look at it, we could also say that provides advantages to the team that is not a favorite to equalize conditions. Betting with Betsson handicap becomes more attractive by offering good odds and a possibility of extra advantage.

You have to be clear In Betsson handicap there are two variants: Asian handicap and European handicap each has different characteristics. The first does not allow the possibility of a tie and the bet is cancelled, however, in the second a tie is possible.

How does handicap work with Betsson?

Betsson handicap is always available as a market option, whether it is the European or Asian handicap. Let’s focus first on the explanation of handicap betting belonging to the old continent.

In European type handicap bets, you only win or lose, that is, it is not like the Asian one where you get your money back if the result is a tie..

Within the Betsson Argentina markets you will find 3 options as handicap bets for the number of probable scenarios. You can compare it with the popular Match Winner market where there can be:

  • Home team victory
  • Visiting team victory
  • A tie

Instead, the handicap originating in the Asian markets, only one of the participating teams must be chosen. So, if the result is a tie, the bet is canceled and settled so that the value played is refunded.

To use the Betsson handicap option you have to proceed as follows:

  • Enter the betting house with the accesses and go to the sports betting tab.
  • I chose the sport and the competition, it can be live or for a future event.
  • Within the betting markets section, the handicap option will be available. When you select the button, the European (3 options) or Asian handicap options will appear.
  • Make your selections and indicate the value you want to risk to finish.
  • Betsson Asian Handicap: Types

    The Asian handicap can be of three types: integer, simple decimal or compound decimal.

    Whole handicap (+1, +2, -1, -2, etc.)

    It is simply about adding or subtracting points from the final result as established by Betsson handicap. The calculation is simple to perform since they are whole numbers.

    Let’s suppose a match between Argentina and Italy where the tanos have a handicap of +2. If we bet on Italy as the winner and in the final result Argentina wins 2 to 1, we would win.

    What is the explanation? With handicap bets the result would be Argentina 2 – Italy 3 because we add the two points advantage.

    Simple Decimal Handicap (+0.5, -0.5 – .5 overall)

    In this case of Betsson handicap to the final result you have to increase or deduct halves (+0.5, -0.5). So that it is not just in numbers, it is better to understand it with examples.

    Assuming that we bet on Argentina in a bet with a handicap of -1.5, the team must win with a 2-goal advantage. If, for example, the score ends with a difference of 1 goal, the calculation would not give -0.5 and we would lose.

    But, if the handicap is positive (for example +0.5), we would convert the bet into a double chance because we will win if our team wins or draws.

    Composite decimal handicap (-0.75, -1.25, etc.)

    To this type of Betsson handicap it is recommended to do it once you learn the modality of the previous two due to its complexity. The bets are divided by 2, that is, it is a double bet.

    Let’s give an example: if we place a bet with this type of handicap, the bet value will be divided into two bets. So, in an Argentina match with a -0.25 handicap we will get returns if they win the match. If the result ends in a tie, we would have a return of 50% of the bet. Finally, if you lose, we would lose the money.


    In which sports can the handicap be used at Betsson?

    You can mainly find the Betsson handicap market in sports where two teams face each other. As one of the sports with the largest number of markets, football tops the list of disciplines with this type of bets.

    But, Betsson Argentina It is not limited only there because you can find the market in basketball, American football, hockey, baseball, volleyball and others. In tennis, a handicap can be applied to the number of total games.

    When to use handicap betting at Betsson

    Betsson handicap is a betting option that you can use whenever you want. However, as in other types of bets, it should be used on certain occasions when it is more relevant. Below, we list some of the most suitable ones:

    • Events with a clear favorite: The handicap can be used to equalize the conditions of both teams or players.
    • Intention to improve quotas: You choose a result in which a handicap is applied to the favorite to increase the risk and get better odds.

    Handicap Betting Tips

    By using Betsson Argentina to place your handicap bets you are already running with an advantage because it is one of the best houses to bet with that modality. But choosing a good house is not enough, we also advise you:

    • Know the market very well and what the betting mechanism is like. The first few times it is advisable that you risk low amounts to test.
    • Compare the odds offered by Betsson Argentina in other betting markets. That will help you verify if it is convenient or not.
    • Limit the risks of betting. When gaining an advantage, the handicap can be very tempting, so it is wise to set a budget.
    • Bet on sports related to you. It is not advisable that you place bets on disciplines where you have little information.

    Frequent questions

    Is the Asian or European handicap better?

    It is relative, in the European handicap you get good odds because the risk is greater. On the other hand, the Asian handicap has lower odds, but you can get money back if there is a tie.

    How are winnings calculated on an Asian handicap bet at Betsson?

    Handicap earnings can be calculated taking into account the final result, the value of the odds offered and the amount bet.

    Can I use the handicap in live bets at Betsson?

    Yes, the handicap can be used in live bets on different sports, and it is also possible to choose both ways: Asian or European.

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