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Viewers upset with broadcaster RTL – 2024-05-11 21:39:50

On Friday evening, “Let’s Dance” didn’t take place in the RTL studio as usual, but in the Musical Dome – and that disappointed some viewers.

Only five celebrities are fighting for the title “Dancing Star 2024”. On Friday evening it was all about getting into the semi-finals. Detlef D! Soost, Lulu Lewe, Gabriel Kelly, Ann-Kathrin Bendixen and Jana Wosnitza are still in the race – and there was a special challenge for them in show ten.

Because for the first time, the candidates didn’t dance in the usual studio. On Friday evening, the celebrities and their professionals went to the Cologne Musical Dome, home of “Moulin Rouge! The Musical”. For the first time in the 18-year history of “Let’s Dance,” RTL decided to change location.

One might think: a successful change for the viewer. But on X, most users were disappointed. Because the theater hall with the extraordinary backdrop in the style of the legendary nightclub has nothing in common with the usual “Let’s Dance” studio. In addition, the dances cannot be shown from all sides as usual, but only frontally.

“I think that for the live audience it’s all mega today and even more worth seeing than usual. For us TV viewers, I think it’s all less suitable. The studio was much better lit and you could see every corner.” , for example, a user commented on the change of location on X.

“The stage is just not suitable for ballroom dancing. It’s all totally slowed down,” said another. “I hope they cut off the Christmas bonus for whoever had the idea for the Musical Dome,” joked another disappointed user. “This doesn’t need to be repeated. Please go back to the normal studio,” someone else demanded.

“Pretty expensive promotion”

The Musical Dome “somehow doesn’t really fit the ‘Let’s Dance’ atmosphere,” commented one viewer. “Hmm, I don’t really feel it.” Also to be read: “The Musical Dome is really beautiful, but the atmosphere is zero. ‘Let’s Dance’ thrives on the fact that you feel like you’re right in the middle of it. Here I actually feel like an uninvolved spectator.”

Some users suspect that RTL only wants to advertise the “Moulin Rouge” musical with the change of location. “It all seems as if they were trying to find a solution somehow, to implement ‘Let’s Dance’ there somehow and not as if it would be a nice alternative,” wrote someone. “How much did the ‘Moulin Rouge’ company pay RTL to broadcast live from the Musical Dome today? Pretty expensive promotion,” said another.

Another viewer asked: “Is the ‘Moulin Rouge’ musical doing so badly that it needs to be promoted so much?” The musical “Moulin Rouge” premiered in Boston in 2018. It has also been performed on Broadway since 2019. The German-language production in Cologne followed in November 2022. The show lasts three hours and is performed Tuesday through Sunday.

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