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“Very serious infractions.” The sanction of the Spanish league to Getafe for insults to a world champion in Qatar 2022

The Spanish Football Federation condemned Getafefrom the first division, to play their next three games with their partially closed stadiumalready a fine of 27 thousand euros. It was after the racist insults to the Argentine soccer player Marcos Acuñafrom Seville, and his coach, Quique Sánchez Flores. To the former Ferro and Racing player They shouted “monkey” at him, while they called the DT a “gypsy”.

“Getafe CF is imposed a sanction of partial closure of the sports venue for a period of three games and one financial penalty of 27,000 euros“, says the statement from the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) about the racist insults last weekend, when on the 30th of LALIGA, Andalusians and Madrid played in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez. At the same time, the RFEF considered that there was “very serious violations”. In addition, the authorities asked the club Madrid’s community that “will identify the structures of the stands, in order to individualize the area of ​​the stadium that will be closed.” According to the referee’s report, the insults towards the Argentine player They would have come from the central area of ​​the stands, just behind where the second assistant referee is located..

“To this end, in the next three matches to be played by Getafe CF in its sports facilitiesaccess to the public in said area must be closed, which will be duly delimited, not being able to relocate the spectators who, if applicable, may have been occupying them on a regular basis,” detailed the RFEF disciplinary committee. The closed area will also have to show a “visible message of condemnation of violent, racist, xenophobic and intolerant acts and behavior in football and support for fair play”.

Thus, Getafe will play with the capacity of its stadium reduced during the matches against Real society, Athletic Club of Bilbao y Atlético de Madrid. The sports venue can accommodate a maximum of 16,500 spectators. Before the RFEF’s decision, LALIGA had sent a complaint to the federation detailing the chants. The events occurred in the 23rd minute of the second half: “Some local fan addressed the visiting player saying ‘Acuña, monkey’ and ‘Acuña, you come from the monkey’”. The match director reported another incident a few minutes later. The incident involved Sanchez Flores, the coach of the Andalusian team. According to the complaint, someone called him “gypsy.”

Getafe made its defense once the RFEF’s decision was known. He described the measure as “disproportionate”. And he criticized the authorities “for lacking disciplinary responsibility.” Furthermore, the Madrid club recalled that “it complied with all the obligations required of it.” The entity adds: “The sanction It is not equitable in comparison to other previous precedents and is not in accordance with the law.therefore the corresponding appeals will be filed against the aforementioned resolution in defense of the legitimate interests of this entity.”

Getafe continues: “At all times, acted in compliance with its legal obligations activating the action protocol in these cases, which was announced over the public address system and which worked correctly, with the alleged insults not occurring again on any other occasion in the match, as stated in the arbitration report.” In addition, Getafe made explicit its “condemnation of any type of act, demonstration or chant that incites violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport.” “We encourage anyone who detects or witnesses this type of reprehensible behavior and who They have no place in any aspect of our livesdo not hesitate to report them and bring them to the attention of the corresponding authorities.”

“If there is a chant, the game has to stop”

Djené Dakonamdefender of Getafetook a stand on the insult he received Acuna from a stall at the Coliseum and made it clear that if there are “a derogatory chant, the game has to be stopped”, how it happened. “The referee told us that there was a chant, but I didn’t hear anything. If there is a chant here, the party has to stop because this cannot be”, he expanded to the DAZN signal.

Already in his locker room, the referee explained: “There were racist insults against the player with the away team jersey 19, with words like ‘Acuña, mono’ and ‘Acuña, you come from the monkey’, from fans located in the central area of ​​the field behind the position of my assistant referee number 2.” That was, precisely, what the referee stated in his report, which gave rise to the sanction received this Wednesday by Getafe.

After the game, Sergio Ramos He regretted that these situations continue to occur. “We have been demanding respect within the world of football, that people do not come here, to a football stadium, to free themselves and say nonsense, to insult the players. The lineman heard an insult to Acuña and let the referee know”, he stated. “I believe that we must put an end to this type of people, point them out, let people see it and prohibit them from entering the stadiums to clean up the image of football, which must be a wonderful sport to unite, not to separate”, concluded the central defender.

With information from the DPA agency.


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