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Turkey is facing a food crisis. Turkish MP’s prediction – 2024-03-30 06:15:33

2024-03-30 06:15:33

Turkey’s main opposition “People’s Republic” party deputy Okan Gaytanjoglu has stated that the country is heading towards a food crisis.

During the press conference organized in the Parliament, he noted that Turkey has serious problems in the field of agriculture and food industry. According to Gaytanjoglu, after the transition to the presidential administration system, the government reduced the subsidies given to farmers, the customs duties on the import of agricultural products were removed, which affected the competitiveness of local producers.

According to the opposition MP, the government of the ruling “Justice and Development” party has done nothing to curb the up to 700 percent increase in fertilizer prices due to the coronavirus, while in other countries of the world, the funding given to agriculture has been reviewed.

“Turkey is heading towards a food crisis. Last year, bread cost 1.5 liras, now it is 3-3.5 liras. Turkey should not import products that it can produce, because even if you have money, there may come a day when you cannot import. There are serious tensions between Russia and Ukraine. If we accept that Turkey imports almost half of its agricultural products from these countries, then in case of war, they will no longer be able to import wheat. “Turkey has no choice but to protect and support its producer and become a producer country,” said the opposition MP.

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