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The operation that allowed the capture of Los Chanekes – 2024-03-29 18:09:54

2024-03-29 18:09:54

After a series of raids, the PDI managed to arrest eleven people, including the leaders of said organization, which is dedicated to drug trafficking.

After an operation carried out by the Investigative Police (PDI)the dangerous criminal gang was dismantled Los Chanekeswhich was dedicated to drug trafficking and operated in the surroundings of the communes of Pedro Aguirre Cerda and La Granja.

This was achieved thanks to the raids carried out in five homes, where detectives They arrested 11 people, including the leaders of said organization. In addition, drugs, weapons and high-end vehicles were seized.

In detail, in the operation carried out on March 18, the civil police confiscated 780 doses of cannabis valued at $3,900,000; 1,012 doses of cocaine hydrochloride with an appraisal of $10,120,000; 28,765 doses of cocaine base valued at $28,765,000; and finally, 10 doses of ketamine with an appraisal of $100,000.

In addition to this, the PDI seized three vehicles, two firearmsa 9mm magazine, a 7.65mm magazine, ammunition and cash.

How did they operate and how did the investigation begin?

Regarding the investigation that allowed us to find the leaders of Los Chanekes, it began several years ago. In 2020 A raid was carried out at a drug sales point in an apartment located in the town of Nueva Lo Valledor.

After that, new operations were carried out against said criminal gang in 2021, 2022, 2023 y 2024.

Regarding the modus operandi of Los Chanekes, Deputy Commissioner Camilo Cayuela of the Bicrim José Mario Caro, explained that the leaders of the organization were no longer selling in the place where they live nor were they the ones who sold.

In this way, he commented that “They had subjects dedicated to carrying out each operation, such as the sale, the transfer of the drug and the dosage. With this, these subjects went unpunished from any raid or police intervention.”

In that sense, Deputy Commissioner Cayuela compared the operation of the gang to a company, since “they maintained an order, a structure and established functions.”

“They used properties conditioned for the sale of drugs (…) the homes were empty and their accesses were reinforced. “They were only occupied in shifts by these people who sold drugs,” he detailed.

After being formalized in the 10th Guarantee Court of Santiago, the eleven people who were detained in the operations They were remanded in preventive detention.

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