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“The only thing they worry about…” – 2024-03-29 04:44:48

2024-03-29 04:44:48

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After qualifying for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores with Colo Colo, King referred to the work of journalists.

Colo Colo achieved his first goal of the season after qualify for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. To do this, the Cacique had to fight to the end against Sportsman Trinidad of Paraguay, beating them 2-1 and, in the process, breaking a streak of almost 33 years without winning against Paraguayan teams in the continental competition.

In this tight commitment, one of the outstanding players was Arturo vidalwho put cold cloths in the most tense moments of the duels in the preliminary phase of the maximum Conmebol tournament.

After the victory and the classification of Colo Colo to the group stage, the 36-year-old midfielder spoke in front of the cameras and took the opportunity to launch his defense and his “sticks” to the journalists.

“When I arrived I said it and now we took the first step, qualify for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores“, the King started saying.

In that sense, Arturo Vidal referred to the group’s objectives for this season. “There is a lot left, but I think this is a big step that will help us a lot with what we want. This year we want to fight for everything and I think it was very important to classify the Libertadores Cup“, he explained.

After that, the historic national midfielder highlighted the level of the teams he faced in the competition and the way in which they won. For this reason, he maintained that “this is very important for what is to come, now worry about championshipcelebrate today and tomorrow worry about what’s coming. This victory will really make us grow a lot“.

Arturo Vidal’s message to journalists after qualifying for the Copa Libertadores

In this context, King did not miss the opportunity to address the journalistsafter the coverage of Vidal’s various and incendiary statements on social networks, after Colo Colo’s 1-0 defeat against the University of Chile at the Monumental Stadium.

“Hopefully you (journalists) they will worry about players’ physique. The only thing they worry about is My social networks“he declared.

He later responded to the journalist’s question about his physical condition. “I’m fine. It’s clearly difficult after five months have so many games. I’ve tried to stop some and get settled, but it’s always complicated. Never after so much time can you play at 100%“, explained Arturo Vidal.

In closing, King commented that “we have two weeks after the duel this weekend to be able to rest, fix the muscles and then not stop more until the end of the year“.

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