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The love story of a gymer and a Peruvian beauty queen

Luciana Fuster, 24 years old, Miss Grand International 2023 (Miss Grand International) is one of them nymph popular today. Not only is she noticed for her beautiful and charming beauty, but she also receives a lot of attention because of the dreamlike love story between this queen and gymer Patricio Parodi.

31-year-old man from Peru, working as a model and fitness trainer. He is quite famous in the Peruvian entertainment industry when participating in a number of television shows, standing out with his masculine beauty and perfect body every centimeter.

The love story of the Peruvian beauty queen attracted a lot of attention.

Currently, his Instagram has nearly 3 million followers. It is known that the couple developed a relationship when they co-hosted the El Búnker program in their hometown. They announced their relationship in 2022. Patricio Parodi accompanied beauty Luciana Fuster in many events, supporting their dream. , girlfriend’s job.

The moments shared on his personal page show that Patricio Parodi is a person with positive energy, his life is always lively. Patricio Parodi loves working out, so he often shares his training moments, showing off his perfect six-pack body.

Patricio Parodi is a positive person with a perfect beautiful body.

In addition to going to the gym every day, he also plays many different sports to maintain flexibility and form such as tennis, volleyball, and golf. Dancing and swimming are also two activities that Patricio Parodi also regularly does to have the most perfect body. For him, exercising every day is the best way to consume excess energy and avoid fat accumulation, causing weight gain.

Regarding diet, Patricio Parodi eats a variety of foods, only abstaining from fat, sweets and drinks containing stimulants. Occasionally, he will “break the rules” and reward himself with his favorite fast foods after a period of intensive practice.

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He enjoys exercising and traveling.

In real life, this gymer and his girlfriend share a passion for traveling, exploring culture and cuisine in countries around the world. Currently, due to the nature of their work, the two are temporarily separated. That’s why the couple has been rumored to go separate ways many times.

Patricio Parodi shared in the media about the rumors of breaking up with his girlfriend: “I haven’t even thought about it yet, but everyone is already talking. I am very happy and support her in everything, still in the future.” will be like that”.

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The couple is always passionate about each other.

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The beauty queen is famous for her beautiful beauty.

It can be seen that Patricio Parodi affirmed that the love between the couple is always strong no matter what happens. He also had kind words for his beautiful girlfriend on the occasion of the famous beauty queen’s birthday: “You deserve all the best things in the world. You are the best person. I love you with all my heart.” everything I have and there will be many more years of memories between the two of us.”

On his personal Instagram page, Patricio Parodi also did not hesitate to post a series of pictures of loving and passionate couples together in many events and even on expensive and lavish trips. It can be said that beauty queen Luciana Fuster is having a dreamlike love story with a perfect man, making everyone jealous.

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