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The lives of Ha Thanh Xuan and the Queen Koi fish king fell apart

Rumor Ha Thanh Xuan preparing to marry Quang Le is not true.Ha Thanh Xuan’s manager – Quang Le shared above Znews: “Perhaps the online community used the image of the two artists eating and hanging out together to write an article. However, they are just close colleagues and brothers.”Singer Ha Thanh Xuan married businessman Thang Ngo in 2022. However, in September 2023, the female singer announced that she was going their separate ways with the “Koi fish king”.Currently, Ha Thanh Xuan is tight-lipped about her love life.On her personal page, the female singer shares photos of her shows and beautiful moments, cleverly showing off her happy single life.Before Ha Thanh Xuan’s breakup announcement, businessman Thang Ngo appeared surprised. He said, Ha Thanh Xuan was just stressed.Over the past year, Thang Ngo has still implicitly shown that his feelings for Ha Thanh Xuan have not changed. The proof is that Thang Ngo still wears his wedding ring and still has the “married” status.Ha Thanh Xuan’s ex-lover Focus on business in Vietnam.Watch the video “Ha Thanh Xuan performs the song Love Boat”. Source Vietnamnet

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