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The Importance of US Backing: Energy Minister Eli Cohen Warns of Tensions in Middle East Relations

2024-04-03 10:08:00

In the shadow of tensions in relations with the United States, Energy Minister Eli Cohen said today (Wednesday) that “if the United States, our greatest friend, which I appreciate very much, does not give the State of Israel complete backing – it has nothing to look for in the Middle East”. A day after the report on the harsh words said by the National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, in a conversation with Ron Dermer and Tzachi Hanegbi.

Cohen participated in the conference of municipal corporations in the local authorities in Eilat and emphasized: “The State of Israel is its ally, and we are the only democracy in the region. The only change I see in the position of the Americans is because of the upcoming elections in the USA.”

Eli Cohen (photo: Avshalom Sashoni, Mark Israel Salem)

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