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The head of Russian intelligence discusses security cooperation in Pyongyang

Pyongyang announced Thursday that the head of Russian intelligence, during a visit to North Korea this week, discussed bilateral security cooperation, in a move that comes weeks after South Korea accused its northern neighbor of supplying Moscow with huge quantities of weapons to support the Kremlin in its war against Ukraine.

North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency said that Russian Foreign Intelligence Director Sergei Naryshkin made a visit to Pyongyang that lasted from Monday to Wednesday, during which he held two meetings with North Korean State Security Minister Ri Changdae.
The agency explained that the officials discussed ways to enhance cooperation between the two countries “to confront the increasing acts of espionage and conspiracies hatched by hostile forces.”
She added, “The two parties reached a complete consensus on the outstanding issues during the two meetings, which were held in an atmosphere of cordiality and friendship.”
At the beginning of this March, South Korea said that its northern neighbor had shipped about 7,000 weapons containers to Russia since July for use by the Russian army in its war against Ukraine.
According to Washington, in exchange for these arms shipments, Pyongyang seeks to obtain military aid from Moscow in specific areas, including satellite technology and the modernization of its military equipment dating back to the Soviet era.

2024-03-28 22:38:48

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