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The death of Al-Hashemi Al-Bahloul, “the Caesar of Libyan football”

2024-03-28 14:06:20

Libyan football star Al-Hashemi Al-Bahloul died at the age of 79, after a struggle with illness.

The head of the National Unity Government, Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba, presented the obituary for the deceased Libyan sports legend, Al-Hashemi Al-Bahloul.

The obituary statement, which was published on the page of the media office of the Prime Minister-designate, said: “Libya lost the coach of the national team and one of the sports icons, Captain Al-Hashemi Al-Bahloul, who gave a lot to Libyan football as a player, coach and administrator with his mother club, Al-Ahly Tripoli. May God have mercy on the deceased and grant him a spacious residence.” May his soul rest in peace, and sincere condolences and sympathy to his family and loved ones and to the sports family in our entire country, the Prime Minister.”

Al-Bahloul did not lose sight of Al-Ahly Tripoli fans, who were keen to raise banners in several matches during the last period wishing him recovery, in conjunction with his undergoing treatment in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

It is noteworthy that “Al-Hashemi Al-Bahloul” began his sports career with the first team of Al-Ahly Tripoli Club on December 4, 1964, when he participated under the supervision of Algerian coach Ahmed Belfoul in the first official match against Al-Ahly Benghazi in the final of the Libyan League Championship, and he was crowned with the team with the title in its first edition in Sports season 1963/1964.

In the same year, he was selected for the Libyan national team, and played his first match against Romania in a friendly match on October 16, 1964. His first official international match was against the Omani national team in the Arab sports tournament held in Cairo in 1965, and since that match he became a key player in the national team. Libyan.

Al-Bahloul played in the starting lineup for the Libyan national team in its first appearance in 1967 in the African Cup of Nations qualifiers against Egypt at Cairo Stadium. He was also among the starting lineup in the Libyan national team’s first appearance in the 1969 World Cup qualifiers against the Ethiopian national team.

According to the Bawabat Al-Wasat website, Al-Bahloul scored many decisive goals with the Libyan national team despite their small number, the most beautiful of which was his goal against the Tunisian national team goalkeeper known as “Atouka” in the match between the two teams that took place in Tripoli in 1970, and ended with Libya winning three goals to two, and his goal against The Moroccan national team’s goalkeeper, Hazzaz, in the 1975 match between the two teams in Rabat, which ended with the home team winning by two goals to one in the Olympic qualifiers. Al-Hashimi is also the scorer of the first Libyan goal in the Palestine Cup tournaments in its first edition in Iraq in 1972 against the Kuwaiti national team.

He retired from football after a serious injury during a match between the Libyan national team and its Algerian counterpart at the Tripoli International Stadium “June 11” on April 16, 1976, as part of the African qualifiers for the 1978 World Cup finals. Al-Hashemi Al-Bahloul was known during his football career as the Caesar of Libyan football. He is called a scoring defender.

In his coaching career, Al-Hashemi Al-Bahloul led the national team several times, and Al-Ahly Tripoli, Al-Wahda, and Al-Ittihad Military teams.

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2024-03-28 14:06:20

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