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The Boat Race 2024 Oxford vs Cambridge schedule, dates, times, crews, route and live stream telecast

We examine the 2024 The Boat Race schedule, date, times, venue, & streaming info, which will take place on 30th March in England

On Saturday, The Boat Race 2024 marks the 169th showdown between Oxford and Cambridge’s men’s teams, and the 78th encounter for the women’s crews. The customary route spans 4.2 miles from Putney to Mortlake, famously known as the Championship Course. Anticipated spectators numbering around 250,000 will grace the Thames banks to witness the event firsthand, while countless others will tune in via television broadcasts.

The Boat Race 2024 Oxford vs Cambridge men’s and women’s schedule, dates, times, crews, route and live stream telecast

2024 The Boat Race schedule, date, venue, events list, teams, h2h record, & entry list

In the previous year, Cambridge emerged triumphant, reversing the outcome of 2022 when Oxford secured victory. The enduring rivalry between these esteemed institutions continues to enthrall onlookers. The return of The Boat Race to the Thames in 2023 marked the second year after the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

With normalcy restored, both the men’s and women’s teams are poised to fiercely compete along a 4.25-mile stretch of the iconic river. Set for Saturday, March 30th, this year’s Boat Race promises exhilarating competition. The men’s race will kick off at 3:46 pm, followed by the women’s race an hour earlier, with reserve races interspersed between. The course, spanning from Putney to Mortlake, offers a challenging yet scenic route.

Regarding team composition, both Oxford and Cambridge boast formidable lineups. The Oxford Women’s team showcases athletes like Sarah Marshall and Ella Stadler, while Cambridge Women’s team flaunts talents such as Gemma King and Jenna Armstrong. Similarly, the Oxford Men’s team, captained by Saxon Stacey and Elliot Kemp, readies to clash with Cambridge’s squad, led by Sebastien Benzecry and Matt Edge.

As anticipation mounts for the event, historical statistics contribute to the fervor. Cambridge Men have clinched victory 86 times compared to Oxford’s 82, while in the Women’s Race, Cambridge leads with 47 wins against Oxford’s 30. The Boat Race remains not only a sporting spectacle but also a tribute to tradition, skill, and the enduring rivalry between two academic powerhouses.

we examine the full squad of both the teams:
Oxford WomenJoe GellettSarah Marshall
Ella Stadler
Tessa Haining
Claire Aitken
Julia Lindsay
Annie Sharp
Lucy Edmunds
Annie Anezakis
Cambridge WomenHannah MurphyGemma King
Jo Matthews
Clare Hole
Jenna Armstrong
Carina Graf
Carys Earl
Iris Powell
Megan Lee
Oxford MenWilliam DenegriSaxon Stacey
Harry Glenister
Jelmer Bennema
James Doran
Elias Kun
Frederick Roper
Leonard Jenkins
Elliot Kemp
Cambridge MenEd BraceySebastien Benzecry
Noam Mouelle
Thomas Marsh
Augustus John
Kenneth Coplan
Thomas Lynch
Luca Ferraro
Matt Edge

When & Where to watch: live stream & telecast

All four races will be broadcasted live on BBC One, with coverage beginning at 2 pm and extending until 4:30 pm. Viewers can also stream the event via the BBC iPlayer on various devices.


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