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‘Star Wars’ Lee Jung-jae reveals special footsteps as the first Korean actor to ‘enter the world’

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On the 13th, Disney+ (Plus) announced the challenge and transformation of Lee Jung-jae, who entered the world of the 8-part drama ‘Star Wars’, and pointed out three special steps of his.

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His first step was his entry into ‘Star Wars’. He became the first Korean actor to appear in a ‘Star Wars’ production and revealed that when he received the offer to appear, he felt pressured because English was not his native language.

However, he said, “If it weren’t for Star Wars, I would have refused,” and “But who can refuse Star Wars?” He said that the value of ‘Star Wars’ had a huge influence on his first attempt at a Hollywood series.

The second step is to perform lightsaber action as a Jedi Master. Lee Jung-jae, who plays the role of Master Sol, a Jedi with excellent martial arts skills, said that he received action training day and night during the filming in England in order to portray the perfect action scenes. He revealed that he underwent high-level action training, including strength training, lightsaber training, and fight choreography every morning and evening.

In particular, May (Amandla Stenberg), who is the center of all events in this work and is revealed to have a priestly relationship with ‘Master Sol’, said, “Actor Lee Jung-jae, who plays ‘Sol’, really shines, especially in the action scenes that are amazing. “It feels like I’m dancing,” he said about his action scenes.

Lastly, the footprint that actor Lee Jung-jae will leave behind in ‘Star Wars’ is the presence he will show in various episodes of ‘Acolyte’ that have not been released yet. Lee Jung-jae is expected to show the colorful side of his ever-changing character by taking on the role of ‘Master Sol’, who is pursuing a serial murder case that will shake up the peaceful Golden Age of Jedi.

Meanwhile, ‘Acolyte’ is a mystery action thriller that tells the story of an unprecedented Jedi serial murder case taking place in an era called the golden age of the Jedi Knights protecting peace, and the story of a newly emerging dark force within the secrets and truths hidden behind it. .

Leslie Headland of the Emmy Award-nominated series ‘Like Russian Doll’ served as director, and director Kogonada of ‘After Miss’, which won an award at the Sundance Film Festival, directed episodes 3 and 7. Here, the music director of ‘Get Out’ and ‘Us’ announced his participation, raising expectations.

Episodes 1 and 2 will be released simultaneously on June 5th.

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