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So different and beloved! Naiba Allahverdieva celebrated her anniversary…with unplayed roles – 2024-04-04 11:17:23

2024-04-04 11:17:23

Different on stage and beloved in life, talented and hardworking, sincere and sincere – this is the master of the stage, People’s Artist Naiba Allahverdiyeva, who on her 60th birthday held a benefit performance on the stage of her native State Theater for Young Spectators, reports Day.Az.

Theater is everything for Naiba Allahverdieva! And it is no coincidence that the anniversary benefit performance was held on National Theater Day – March 10. Thirty years on the stage of the Youth Theater, and before that, for three more years, a graduate of the acting department of the State University of Culture and Arts performed at the Nakhchivan State Music and Drama Theater.

From the very first day of her theatrical activity, the young actress was entrusted with the main role in the play Astana, then in the productions of Apardı sellər Saranı and Gülən adam. With her images, she very quickly won the recognition of spectators and theatergoers. Her best roles are the images of heroines in Bala bəla sözündəndir, Səsin sehri, Mağara, Dədəm Qorqud, Mənim ağ göyərçinim, Çimnaz xanım yuxudadır. The actress starred in more than twenty feature films, as well as in television films, including “Black Volga”, “Half State”, “Sentence of Love”, the Russian “Courier from Paradise”, etc.

But in the life of every actress there were roles that she dreamed of playing, but never got to. At her benefit performance, Naiba Allahverdieva herself made her dreams come true. The evening was called “Gerçəkləşməyən arzular” (Unfulfilled dreams). The idea of ​​the gala theater evening was to combine roles that the actress has not played, but which she dreams of. The production used excerpts from the plays “Romeo and Juliet”, “Hamlet”, “Antony and Cleopatra” by William Shakespeare, “Seville” by Jafar Jabbarli, “From the Rain and the Downpour” by Najaf Bey Vezirov.

Director-producer – Honored Artist Nijat Kazimov, designer – Zamina Elbir, musical design – Aigul Gurbanova, assistant director – Fuad Javadzade, Gunai Gasimova.

Honored artists Rasim Jafar, Elnur Bahramkhan, actors Anar Seifullaev, Ramil Mamedov, Elshan Shikhaliev, Elgun Yahyayev, Kunyul Abilova, Mirsanan Kazymly, Ilkhan Sadigov, Araz Pirimov, students of the Baku Choreographic Academy will also play in the performance. Choreographic numbers are directed by Honored Artist of Azerbaijan Naila Mamedzade.

Information support – Trend.Az, Day.Az, Milli.Az, Azernews.Az.

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