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Seven died in severe storms in southern China’s Jiangxi province – 2024-04-03 14:14:09

2024-04-03 14:14:09

At least seven people have died in unusually strong storms raging in the southern Chinese province of Jiangxi over the past few days, Reuters reported.

The extreme weather conditions have been observed since March 31 and have affected nine cities, including Nanchang and Jiujiang. According to the Jiangxi Provincial Flood Control Headquarters, the natural disaster has affected a total of 93,000 people in 54 municipalities.

Local media reported that the windows of two apartments in a high-rise apartment block in the provincial capital of Nanchang were blown out by strong winds on Sunday. The residents of the homes were literally blown away by the wind with their beds and died.

According to the latest data from the Chinese authorities, the victims of the storms in Jiangxi province are already at least 7. The emergency evacuation of 522 people was required, and 2,751 homes were damaged. The damage to the economy of the affected areas currently amounts to 150 million yuan (about 21 million dollars), writes BTA.

The China Meteorological Administration warned of strong winds of up to 12 on the local scale, equivalent to a Category 1 hurricane. Winds of such strength are unusual for inland China and for landlocked provinces such as Jiangxi, Reuters noted.

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