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Santos beats Red Bull Bragantino and is in the decision of the Campeonato Paulista

On a night of record attendance at the Neo Química Arena, in the capital of São Paulo, Santos beat Red Bull Bragantino by 3 a 1 on Wednesday night (27).

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The match was valid for the semi-final of the Campeonato Paulista and places the team from Baixada Santista in the final of the competition – which has not happened since 2016.

Peixe’s victory was built after a great first half from Fábio Carille’s team, which took a 2-0 lead with goals from Joaquim and Guilherme.

When Bragantino reacted, with a goal from Eduardo Sasha, Giuliano scored another for Peixe and gave the final numbers to the match.

The game was also marked by Neo Química Arena’s record attendance this season. In total, 44,804 paying guests were present at the stadium, surpassing the previous record held by Corinthians by almost 700 people.

Peixe awaits the winner of Palmeiras x Novorizontino to meet their opponent in the final. The decisive games are scheduled for March 31st and April 7th, with the decision at the home of the team with the best campaign.

Oh, the trailer!

The Santos fans, who were already singing loudly even before the ball rolled, took a few minutes to let out the scream once and for all. Right at the beginning of the match, defender Joaquim opened the scoring for Peixe, to the delight of the more than 40 thousand present in the stands.

In a rehearsed corner play, Guilherme hit firmly aiming for the entrance to the small area. Joaquim, who was coming from behind, overcame Bragantino’s defenders and jumped alone to fill the net.

New attempts

If Bragantino found it difficult to infiltrate Santos’ area, the reality of the match soon fell on Pedro Caixinha’s men. Faced with a strong black and white block, the players began to take risks with shots from outside the area.

On two occasions, Eric Ramires hit the ball and knocked the paint off the post. A few minutes later, it was Luan Cândido’s turn to take a free kick from the midfielder and force João Paulo to work.

From waiter to scorer

If Joaquim’s goal came from Guilherme’s feet, it was the number 11’s turn to give up his role as waiter to join the top scorers of the night. In the 45th minute of the first stage, the Santos striker increased the score at the Neo Química Arena.

Pedrinho received it from Giuliano on the right and made a beautiful run towards the baseline. He set up a cross at the second post and found Guilherme who, with his right, hit Cleiton’s counterfoot firmly.

Write down the sign

In the 5th minute of the second half, Eduardo Sasha scored a great goal to get Red Bull Bragantino back into the match. The center forward, who at this point was already playing as a midfielder, took advantage of the dripping ball and shot from the left, into João Paulo’s angle.

Sasha, who previously played for Santos, enforced the “ex law” in Itaquera. The player also repeated the goal scored against Peixe in the first phase of the Campeonato Paulista.

Know the terrain

When the game seemed to get increasingly complicated for Santos, it was the turn of a great Neo Química Arena expert to calm things down. Giuliano, Peixe’s number 10, scored Santos’ third goal in the match.

The midfielder, who played several times in this stadium wearing the Corinthians shirt, received a beautiful cross from Pedrinho in the small area. He tested firmly to overcome Cleiton and score another for Peixe.

Santos x Red Bull Bragantino


João Paulo, Hayner, Joaquim, Gil and F. Jonatan; João Schmidt, Pituca and Giuliano; Pedrinho, Guilherme and Furch. Coach: Fábio Carille.

Red Bull Bragantino

Clayton; Nathan, Lucas Cunha, Luan Cândido and Juninho Capixaba; Jadsom, Matheus Fernandes (Mosquera) and Eric Ramires; Helinho, Vitinho (Thiago Borbas) and Sasha. Coach: Pedro Caixinha.

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