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Prime Minister Han Deok-soo “There is contact for dialogue between Mr. and Mrs. “The will for dialogue is strong.”

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo. 2024.3.28/News 1

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo announced on the 2nd that behind-the-scenes contacts are being made for a meeting between President Yoon Seok-yeol and medical residents.

Prime Minister Han appeared on KBS News this afternoon and responded to the anchor’s comment that ‘interest is focused on when and how the meeting between the President and medical residents will take place’, saying, “I understand that there is currently contact for dialogue.” “I have a very strong desire to have a genuine conversation with residents without limiting the topic,” he said.

Prime Minister Han went on to say, “Our medical residents are a very valuable national asset,” and added, “I think they should return as soon as possible and go through a good training program again.” At the same time, he expressed his hope, “I hope that everyone around the residents will actively persuade and recommend so that dialogue can take place for the public and patients.”

Previously, in his address to the nation the day before, President Yoon said, “If you want to claim that the scale of the troop increase should be reduced, you should present a unified plan with solid evidence.”

The anchor said about this, ‘Some in the medical community are expressing doubts about the sincerity of the government.’ Prime Minister Han said, “Such discussions have been exchanged through informal consultative bodies, but truly serious dialogue has not yet begun,” and emphasized again, “If the medical community comes up with a reasonable plan, the President is also willing to have a dialogue.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Han explained that the inflation rate was in the 3% range last month, saying, “The government spent 150 billion won to provide discounts and support measures, but it does not seem to be enough yet.” When the anchor said, ‘The government said it would control prices from the beginning of the year, but there are rumors that the government’s measures are not effective,’ this was the reply.

Prime Minister Han said, “I am very sorry that prices in the agricultural and food sector have not been stabilized,” and added, “It seems that the government’s active support is not 100% effective.” He continued, “At today’s Cabinet meeting, the President instructed to actively expand the fund to stabilize prices of agricultural food and livestock products indefinitely and without limit,” and added, “We plan to expand the scope and targets of the voucher system.”

Jo Hye-sun, reporter

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