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President’s Office “Our people and companies are the top priority… “Strong response to unfair actions taken by Line Yahoo.”

Yongsan Presidential Office Building. News 1

Regarding the controversy over the sale of Line Yahoo shares, the President’s Office emphasized on the 13th, “The government’s consistent position is that it will put the interests of our people and companies first and do everything necessary.”

At a Yongsan Presidential Office briefing this afternoon, Director of Policy Seong Tae-yoon said, “The government has so far respected Naver’s position as much as possible and reflected it in the government’s response, and if Naver has an additional position in this regard, we will provide all support at the government level.” “It is,” he said.

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Regarding the response to the Line Yahoo stake sale, Director Seong said, “We have not only consulted closely with Naver and confirmed Naver’s intention, but have also made efforts to respond based on this,” adding, “We also confirmed the Japanese government’s position through diplomatic channels.” “He explained.

He said, “The government began discussing the facts and response with Naver immediately after the infringement incident was reported to Naver Cloud in November 2023,” and added, “We will respect Naver’s position as much as possible and make decisions based on Naver’s mid- to long-term business strategy.” “I was waiting to do it,” he explained.

Director Seong said, “In the process, we met with Japanese officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Korean Embassy in Japan on April 26 to confirm the facts about the administrative guidance, and on April 29, we held a meeting with Naver and shared the confirmed position. “We have been in close communication with Naver, and we are still communicating with them,” he said.

He said, “If Naver is in the position of maintaining Line Yahoo’s shares and business, we will ensure that appropriate measures to strengthen information security are implemented and provide maximum support for this.” He added, “In addition to changing the capital structure, Naver will take government-level measures and support necessary to strengthen information security.” “I’m going out,” he said.

Director Seong said, “I plan to request bipartisan cooperation from the political world,” and added, “It is clear that the political frame that promotes anti-Japanese actions by some undermines national interests and is not helpful in protecting our companies and reflecting our interests.” “We plan to provide as much support as possible so that companies can make decisions autonomously without any unreasonable dispositions or unfavorable conditions from overseas,” he emphasized.

He added, “We will respond firmly and strongly to any unfair measures that are even slightly against our company’s wishes.”

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