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President Noboa decrees the increase in fuel and gas due to the increase in VAT – 2024-04-02 01:15:04

2024-04-02 01:15:04

Decree 215 establishes the increase in the price of gasoline, diesel and the gas cylinder that serves the country’s homes. Specifically, the increase in the consumer price will be 3%.

VAT increases from this Monday from 12% to 15%, at the initiative of the president Daniel Noboaand the consequences are already beginning to occur.

The President issued the Executive Decree establishing the price increase in extra gasoline, diesel and in the gas cylinder. In a statement from the Government, it clarifies that the subsidies have not been withdrawn but rather that “only the price has been regularized considering the new 15% VAT.”

The gas Extra will rise from $2.40 to $2.46. He Diesel from $1.75 to $1.80. The price of gasoline Super will also change, although the final price fluctuates due to the release of costs.

Ema the case of gas cylinder It can be sold up to $1.65, with an increase of five cents. This is provided in article 8 of the Noboa Decree, which says: “Therefore, the official sale price to the public of a fifteen-kilogram cylinder of liquefied petroleum gas for domestic use in LPG Distribution Tanks in cylinders will not exceed USD 1.65.

The Government, through a statement, used examples of the increase: a 20-gallon car “will pay $1.30 more to fill the entire tank.” For an 18-ton swap, with up to 52 gallons of diesel, you’ll “pay $2.40 more” to fill it up.

By: Diario la HORA

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