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President Lasso says that “the bad guys only win in the movies” – 2024-04-03 04:33:35

2024-04-03 04:33:35

President Guillermo Lasso addressed his supporters gathered in the Plaza Grande in a government rally for peace. “We all defend Quito,” proclaimed President Guillermo Lasso from the Carondelet balcony.

Guillermo Lasso spoke about the Conaie meeting in Quito.

In a brief appearance he was accompanied by his wife, María de Lourdes Alcívar, and the Secretary of Communication, Eduardo Bonilla. From the Plaza de la Independencia, dozens of supporters supported the President’s speech. While Lasso warned that “those who say they admire the Joker from the Batman movie, we tell them that the bad guys only win in the movies.” The so-called peace rally in front of the Presidential Palace was held in response to the call of the indigenous movement, which is holding a popular parliament at the House of Culture to commemorate the national strike of October 2019.

“It is not possible that those who two years ago intimidated Quito, set fire to a public building, kidnapped police officers, kidnapped journalists,” expressed President Lasso and described the actors of the strike as “ violent.”

However, the President did not directly mention Conaie, which at the same time held its event to remember and analyze what happened and has happened in these two years. At the House of Culture, Leonidas Iza, president of the indigenous organization, said that the increase in fuel prices is “a beating” for the poorest.

And he questioned what the price ceiling is and how far the Head of State is willing to go. The Conaie subsidiaries will hold their extraordinary assemblies these days, to next meet at a national level and decide the actions they will take regarding the government’s economic measures.

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