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Powerlifter Rajat Dalal vs YouTuber Carryminati fight controversy drama explained as video goes viral

The Rajat Dalal vs Carryminati fight drama video has gone viral

YouTuber Rajal Dalal appears to be finding it increasingly difficult to avoid making headlines, though not for the better. In actuality, Dalal’s recent surge in popularity has been mostly attributed to various controversies.

The instant fame, which started with some controversies, has now escalated to the point where the notorious YouTuber is gaining media attention for fights with workers at food giants. Yes, you heard that right. The fitness influencer was captured in a recent video clashing with several staff members at a McDonald’s eatery.

The conflict started when the giant food chain’s staff did not allow the YouTuber to film a video inside the restaurant. Dalal, on the other hand, argued over whether the regulation was stated anywhere in the outlet and refused to follow it. Later in the video, he was also seen fighting with the staff, who wanted Dalal to leave the eatery.

Powerlifter Rajat Dalal vs YouTuber Carryminati fight controversy drama explained as video goes viral on Twitter/X and Instagram

Now, one of India’s most popular YouTubers, Ajay Nagar, aka CarryMinati, made a video on YouTube where he was seen trolling controversial YouTuber Rajat Dalal, sparking a fresh wave of attention. Recently, Carry released a video where he was seen mocking Rajat Dalal for his controversies and anger issues. Carry described Rajat Dalal as a comic character “Mighty Raju,” jesting that Rajat’s behavior resembled that of a 12-year-old kid.

Later, he mocked that despite the potential to be a “Don,” Rajat ended up as a “Chapri,” which had surprisingly worked in Rajat’s favour professionally. Later, even Rajat Dalal should have been a “Don”; instead, he became a “Chapri,” which benefited his career. He further added that Rajat’s current behaviour resembled with that of an eighth-grader, mirroring Rajat’s current conduct.

Rajat has threatened him to delete the video

When the video appeared, everybody anticipated a new war between him and Carry. Rajat did not think well of the mocking video. As soon as he watched the video, he released a tape expressing disappointment in Carry’s video. Rajat emphasized that he had never engaged in trolling Carry or intruded into his content creation space, deeming Carry’s commentary unnecessary.

Furthermore, Rajat mocked Carry’s height, labelling him a “small kid” standing at a mere five feet tall. Later in the video, Rajat urged him to either remove or trim the video of his trolling part, which included a request for forgiveness. He even revealed that Carry’s male ego would not allow him to do so. The controversial YouTuber concluded with a warning, urging Carry to either remove the offensive parts from the video or face consequences.

It remains to be seen what’s there for us in the next chapter.


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