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Players from the Isle of Youth spend the night in the hotel lobby – 2024-04-03 07:27:44

2024-04-03 07:27:44

The members of the Piratas de la Isla baseball team, from the Isla de la Juventud, faced a challenging situation when arriving in Holguín to participate in the 63rd edition of the National Baseball Series (SNB).

After an exhausting trip of almost 24 hours from Nueva Gerona, the players were unable to access the rooms at the Islazul hotel, assigned for their accommodation.

The baseball players left at 7:00 am from their special municipality and undertook a trip that included a catamaran ride of approximately five hours, followed by a land tour from Batabanó to Holguín. They arrived at their destination around 3:20 a.m. the next day, only to discover that hotel check-in wouldn’t begin until noon.

Faced with this situation, and without receiving a solution, the team chose to spend the night in the hotel lobby, as evidenced by a photo shared by sports journalist Reinier Batista.

This incident has caused an avalanche of opinions among the population, with many people demanding that action be taken against those responsible for this lack of attention. Lack of sensitivity and excessive bureaucracy have been pointed out as the main causes of this unfortunate event.

Meanwhile, the communist regime is only in charge of offering luxurious hotels and comfort to tourists because these generate income in foreign currency, while Cuban athletes are mistreated.

The criticism is not limited solely to the lack of hospitality, but also reflects deeper concerns about sports and hotel management in Cuba. Faced with this setback, the community has urged solidarity and change, highlighting the importance of treating athletes who represent the country with respect and dignity.

The night that the Isla de la Juventud players spent in the hotel lobby in Holguín was not only uncomfortable for the team, but also highlighted the challenges facing the sport in the midst of an unprecedented crisis in the history of the country.

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