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People’s Artist Viet Anh was respected by Tran Thanh because of his troubled relationship

Recently, People’s Artist Viet Anh Posted many intimate pictures with a young girl. Faced with the question of love, the male artist denied. Photo: FBNV.Artist Viet Anh Share above Tien Phong, the images he shared were just a joke for his students. The male artist is still single. Photo: FBNV.Artist Vietnamese-English was married to actress Phuong Linh. In an interview with Laborer, the male artist said his marriage broke up because he “had too much fun with his friends and didn’t spend time with his family.” Photo: Nguoi Lao Dong.Before breaking up, the male artist and his ex-wife had a daughter named Phuong Anh. Photo: Nguoi Lao Dong.Viet Anh and his ex-wife’s daughter is over 20 years old, is an international student in Australia and has lived with her biological mother since the 4th grade. Photo: Viet Cong LyAfter the divorce, artist Viet Anh met and fell in love with a woman many years younger than him. However, this relationship only lasted 8 years. Photo: Tien Phong.He confided about love: “I think, love only comes once in a lifetime, if it doesn’t happen again, that’s it. I’m not looking for another fate either. I’m afraid of making my woman miserable. I do not like it”. Photo: FBNV.Artist Viet Anh is respected by Tran Thanh. The male MC once shared about his teacher: “Every time I meet him, I realize more things! This knowledgeable, erudite, intelligent and artistic man has given me a lot of inspiration to continue striving in my profession! Photo: FBNV.In an interview with Dan Tri, People’s Artist Viet Anh highly praised Tran Thanh’s talent. “Tran Thanh is getting better and better, his acting is getting more and more realistic. His perspective on art has also improved. Up to now, in my heart, that “number 1″ position has not been replaced by anyone,” he said. Photo: FBNV.People’s Artist Viet Anh also said that Tran Thanh’s way of treating people is very beautiful. “Why does Tran Thanh cry all the time? Because he lives with gratitude and is full of emotions. Many people make fun of this, but I advise my students that “you just cry”. Crying is a beautiful emotion for a person, why not cry? Crying helps us become deeper. Laughing can be fake, but crying cannot be fake,” he said. Photo: FBNV.Watch the trailer for the movie Mai by Tran Thanh. Source FBNV

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