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Our Griezmanns, or how Ronaldo prevented Aslan Kerimov – ANALYTICS – 2024-04-03 05:10:35

2024-04-03 05:10:35

The national team games in March were marked by the interruption of Antoine Griezmann’s streak.

İ reports that the striker, who took part in 84 consecutive matches for the French national team, remained outside the national team after 7 years.

This series is the second in football history. Antoine was two games short of Spanish goalkeeper Andoni Zubisaretta’s record.

Of course, the Azerbaijani national team also has its own record holders. We present 5 football players who played non-stop on our team.

Rasim Abyshov – 35 games

The name of the record holder of the Azerbaijani national team, founded in 1992, may not have occurred to many. Rasim Abyshov wore the national team uniform in 35 matches in a row. He appeared in every match from December 1994 to October 1998. Although Agaselim Mirjavadov was replaced as head coach by Kazbek Tuaev and Vagif Sadigov, there was no replacement for Abyshov. Rasim, who was 35 years old at the end of the series, also changed clubs. The back row player, who moved from Qarabag to Neftchi and from the Baku club to Dynamo Stavropol, was in the starting lineup in 33 of those 35 games. He even served as captain 5 times and scored 2 goals.

Vyacheslav Lychkin – 32 games

At the same time as Abyshov, he was another permanent member of the national team. The series by Vyacheslav Lychkin started a few months later – in April 1995. The midfielder, who made his debut for the national team, became a leading figure from the first match and participated in all matches until October 1998. He started 29 times in a series spanning 32 games. Vyacheslav also scored 3 goals. Under the leadership of the same three head coaches as Rasim, Lychkin, one of the main figures of the national team, changed many clubs during this period. The change from Neftchi to Trabzonspor, TPS, Kapaz and Tyumen did not affect his career in the national team.

Gara Garayev – 31 games

Gara Garayev is the record holder among the national team players who have played recently. He is a few matches away from the leader of the team of the last century. From May 2016 to September 2019, the midfielder participated in 31 matches in a row. Robert Prosinečki, followed by Gurban Gurbanov and Nikola Jurcevic, constantly trusted him with a place in the squad. During this period, Gara, who played for Qarabag, was in the starting lineup in 28 out of 31 matches.

Emin Makhmudov – 31+ games

Gar’s third statistic was repeated just three days ago. The current captain of the national team, Emin Makhmudov, took part in the 31st consecutive match of the national team. The midfielder, who was captain in the match against Mongolia (1:0), is the record holder among our players. Having played against Bulgaria in today’s match, Emin will get to Lychkin. His participation in yesterday’s press conference also indicated that he would appear. Makhmudov, who is three matches short of Rasim’s record, has played in all the national team’s matches since March 2021. First Gianni de Biasi, and now Arif Asadov does not see the team without him. The midfielder, who started all 31 matches, played for Neftchi all this time. Emin, who led the team onto the field with the captain’s armband 15 times, scored 12 goals in this series. He is potentially a candidate to break not only Rasim’s Azerbaijani record, but also Griezmann’s and Zubisaretta’s world records – one overall and one among outfield players. Of course, if age and physical capabilities do not interfere. But the 32-year-old can at least make it to the IFFHS 40+ list.

Aslan Kerimov – 30 games

Aslan Kerimov is the fifth player to take part in at least 30 consecutive games. His streak of success began in January 2005 in remote Trinidad and Tobago. At that time, the footballer, one of the irreplaceable faces of “Qarabag”, played 30 matches in a row under the leadership of Carlos Alberto Torres, Vagif Sadigov and Shahin Diniyev. Kerimov, who started 29 of them, took the field as captain 17 times. His streak was ended by a red card. In the match against Portugal in Baku, a card received for playing against Cristiano Ronaldo led to the captain ending the series on 30.

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