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Online banking login not possible – you can do that now – 2024-03-29 06:51:09

There is apparently currently a disruption at Postbank. Both those website as well as that App give an error when logging into online banking.

Shortly before the Easter holidays, Postbank customers received bad news: Apparently there are currently problems logging into the bank’s online banking, as the magazine “Netzwelt” reports. The reasons for the failure are still unclear.

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Germany-wide disruptions

According to information from “Netzwelt”, the problems with the app and on the website occur throughout Germany. The cities of Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Munich are particularly hard hit.

Problem with online banking: This is what you can do now

If you urgently want to complete your banking transactions before Easter, you still have the following options:

  • Withdrawing money from the bank’s ATMs or participating retailers is still possible.
  • Postbank’s telephone banking can be reached on 0228 5500 5500, but requires prior activation.

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