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omg! Cave-in manhole on the road… Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy approves rapid repair

‘Global Tax Free’ allows foreigner identification and tax refund

When driving a car or walking down the street, you may be shocked at least once by a sunken, buried step.

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In order to improve these inconveniences in daily life, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy held the ‘2nd Industrial Convergence Regulation Special Deliberation Committee’ on the 9th in 2024.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy first began demonstrating a leveling product that can quickly repair caved-in manhole steps. It was announced that 9 other tasks were also reviewed and approved.

The main task is to demonstrate the lifespan extension and durability of the ‘manhole impact prevention zone’ that smoothes the road.

The manhole impact prevention device measures the level difference between the road and the caved-in manhole and then installs it on the manhole to adjust the height.

Compared to existing repair methods used to destroy the pavement around manholes, it has the advantage of allowing for faster construction.

In addition, it has the advantage of minimizing inconvenience to drivers and pedestrians, and has excellent economic feasibility as maintenance costs and maintenance costs are reduced by half compared to existing construction costs.

Meanwhile, ‘Global Tax Free’, a mobile identification system using passports for foreigners, will also be demonstrated.

If a foreigner who has been issued a passport registers their passport information through a mobile app, they will be able to verify their identity and receive a tax refund at duty-free shops, tourist hotels, medical institutions, etc. without having a physical passport.

It has been underway at duty-free shops and casinos since last year, and is achieving successful results in verifying the entry and exit of foreigners.

The demonstration area expands to hotels, hospitals, etc. Therefore, it is expected that the convenience of foreign tourists will be greatly improved by preventing loss of passports and reducing waiting times for refund services.

Meanwhile, business models that contribute to strengthening industrial competitiveness and improving the convenience of people’s lives, such as pet-friendly restaurants, non-metal negative ion water electrolysis facilities, and small-scale solar power transactions, will also be introduced to the market.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy plans to make every effort to follow-up management of a total of 517 approval tasks, including this approval task.

In addition, we plan to closely consult with relevant ministries to support early project start-up by easing additional conditions for verification.

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