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Olive oil may cause weight gain »

Often described as liquid gold, olive oil is an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, which has been rated the best diet overall for seven years in a row.

Because it is rich in “good” fats and nutrients, food researchers have long touted the countless health benefits of olive oil. But other experts are now warning that the weight benefits of olive oil may have been overestimated.
Nutritionist Michelle Rothenstein argues that olive oil has a negative effect on weight, citing one of her clients who consumed a full cup of olive oil daily because he believed it was “exceptionally healthy.” She said: “This extreme behavior not only hindered his efforts to lose weight, but also affected “It also negatively affects one’s cholesterol levels, as such large amounts of olive oil can contain a high percentage of saturated fats, which contradicts its claimed benefits.”
The size of one serving of olive oil is one tablespoon and 119 calories. Rothenstein warned that because of the amount of calories, a problem can occur when you eat it too much.
She explained, “Excessive consumption of olive oil without controlling the quantity can lead to an imbalance in energy consumption, which may contribute to subsequent weight gain or difficulty achieving weight loss goals.”
However, the general consensus is that olive oil is relatively beneficial for health, especially when it comes to cooking.
“Using extra virgin olive oil is very low-risk, low-cost, and likely beneficial for most people in the context of a positive effect on markers of risk for inflammation and heart disease,” said registered dietitian Kathleen Lopez.
Source: New York Post

2024-03-31 09:29:53

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