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Official announcer Magdiel Pérez with his mother, in the US – 2024-03-31 06:19:02

2024-03-31 06:19:02

The Castro broadcaster Magdiel Pérez Labrada, one of the faces of Castro radio and television, published several photographs with his mother, from a peaceful place in the United States.

More than a year ago, a source who contacted Cubans around the World reported that the presenter was heading to the country of freedom, however, the communist spokesperson had left no clues about his location on social networks.

It was not until Wednesday that the announcer Magdiel Pérez Labrada showed on his Facebook profile a pleasant moment in the company of his mother, in what appears to be a peaceful place in North American territory.

The communicator, who long ago presented the program ‘Hazando Radio’ on Radio Rebelde and the television magazine ‘Hola, Habana’, from the telecentre of the Cuban capital, met with his mother Elaine Labrada.

According to the woman’s profile, she has resided in Houston, Texas, since 2020, so it is presumed that the photographs were taken in that city.

“One day out for a walk, a lady… Nice afternoon walking with the queen,” wrote the also promoter of government events in Cuba.

In the comments of the publication, where people asked him where that beautiful place was, the official spokesperson appealed to irony by saying no and insinuated that he did not find the question funny.

Although Pérez Estrada has stayed very far away from cyberspace in the last year and a half, many comments in his publication refer to the place where he is currently.

A friend of the communicator on Facebook clarified that he was not confirming his location to “protect his integrity.”

Although the Castro broadcaster closed his Facebook account for a time, in recent weeks he has remained very active, and in fact, he shared a publication about a reunion between mother and son, with a message that showed that he had recently experienced something similar.

abrazo madre locutor castristaabrazo madre locutor castrista

Regarding the confirmation that the Castro announcer would no longer be in Las Tunas, the popular influencer Alexander Otaola commented during his program this Thursday that he has joined the ranks of the communists in the United States.

“If I don’t become mayor, next year we will have a Radio Rebelde branch on 8th Street,” said Otaola.

The influencer reviewed the Castro past of the communicator, “one of the most recognized voices on Radio Rebelde,” he said.

WhatsApp Image 2024 03 28 at 8.21.54 PMWhatsApp Image 2024 03 28 at 8.21.54 PM

The presenter also shared several photographs in which he showed that he was one of the most faithful of the Castro regime, who shared intimate moments with members of the leadership.

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