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Beef with Sultaan

In August 2019, the punjabi rapper Sultaan got into a fight with the singer Sunny Malton and released a song titled ‘Seed.’ In 2020, when Sidhu Moose Wala and Malton were beefing with each other, Sultaan put an Instagram story asking his followers if they wanted a video of the song. NseeB started a fight with Sultaan and released two songs titled Tempu Sultaan and Jawayi. In response, Sultaan released a song titled Aulaad and claimed in the song that he introduced NseeB to the music producer ‘Vitamin’. Later, fans of both rappers started releasing songs against each other.

Fight with Sidhu Moose Wala

In 2021, Nseeb started a fight with Sidhu Moose Wala and claimed that Sidhu was not a true Punjabi artist and did not reveal the authentic punjabi culture. In reply, Moose Wala criticised NseeB and claimed that he gave him a chance in his song ‘Old Skool.’ NseeB then said that he was not paid by Moose Wala for the song which was denied by Moose Wala.

Comments about turban

In an interview in 2023, NseeB said that the turban (pagg/pugg) helps him to get fame, money, and girls. He was criticised by many Sikhs around the world who claimed that NseeB did not understand the religious significance of turban. He later said that his comments were taken out of context due to his poor english.

Comments about Sidhu Moose Wala

In 2023, during the same interview in which he spoke about turban, he also criticised Sidhu Moose Wala and claimed that he did not like Moose Wala’s song, Old Skool, (in which NseeB also featured) and had played the song in his car, only twice in his life. Many fans of Moose Wala did not like NseeB’s comments as Moose Wala had been murdered in 2022. NseeB received many threatening messages and also had verbal spats with many people including with Aman Aujla, and Anmol Kwatra.

Beef with Diljit Dosanjh

NseeB made headlines in 2024 with his comments about Diljit Dosanjh when he said that Dosanjh was not a true turban-wearing Punjabi artist as he had cut his hair short, only wore turban for films and videos. Allegedly, NseeB got angry as Dosanjh brought Sultaan on stage during a live concert. Many people also called NseeB a ‘controversy seeker’ who wanted to get fame at any cost. Dosanjh replied to him by posting a motivational video which angered NseeB after which he posted a photo of Instagram in which Dosanjh was seen in short hair.

He also claimed that he was a member of Illuminati and had sold his soul. He also claimed that during the Farmer’s protest in 2020 and 2021, Diljit did not say anything against the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he wanted to get national recognition and awards. He also said that Diljit was being forced by his manager Sonali Singh who did not know anything about Punjabi cultures and traditions. Instead of saying or posting anything negative against Nseeb, Diljit only wrote a message of love and peace and wished him success.
Diljit Dosanjh's reply to NseeB
Fans praised Diljit for his reply to Nseeb and asked NseeB to grow up and behave maturely. Many roast videos were made on Nseeb by several social media influencers such as Karan Dutta.

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