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Norah Demierre: A Rising Star with Olympic Dreams in Rhythmic Gymnastics

2024-05-14 05:42:45

Norah Demierre’s eyes light up when she talks about her love for rhythmic gymnastics. Since she was 8 years old, the 17-year-old Vaudoise, 13 times Swiss champion, lives and breathes only for her sport. A passion which translates into daily rigor and which should lead her to her greatest dream: that of participating in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

The love story between Norah Demierre and rhythmic gymnastics begins with a dream, that of her mother Caroline. “I originally did judo but it wasn’t for me and I was looking for a new sport. One night, my mom dreamed that I was doing rhythmic gymnastics. I didn’t know this sport. She showed me a video of the future Olympic vice-champion and I immediately said to myself: this is what I want to do“.

At 8 years old, Norah swaps her kimono for sequinned outfits. Admittedly late debuts but which did not prevent her from quickly establishing herself as the best Romande. And to silence, in passing, the most skeptical: “When Norah started, we were quickly told that she was old to start this sport and that it would certainly be difficult., concedes his mother. “But Norah told us: not only will I make the Europeans and Worlds but I will qualify for the Olympic Games. At the time, we said “yes, yes” without really believing it“.

Rigor and perseverance

But Norah’s talent, work and determination did the rest. “In the gym you have to start very early, recognizes the slender young girl. In Russia, girls are immersed in the industry from the age of 3-4. But as soon as I started, I was able to show my potential and climb the ladder“It must be said that Norah, a 2nd year student in sports studies at the Gymnase Auguste Piccard, is giving herself the means to shine in a very demanding sport.”I train 6 days a week, 30 hours a week. When there are holidays and in the run-up to major championships, it’s 40 hours per week.”.

The price to pay to compete with nations who train almost 60 hours a week. “We are running out of time, admits her coach Alicia Marmonier. “We optimize training as best we can. So yes, it’s screaming but we have to speak loudly to drown out the music and for the girls to hear their corrections. This sport requires such a high level of demands. Norah has learned to work and above all, she knows why she does it. She understood why it was necessary to start each movement again and again until the right gesture was achieved.“.

Norah accepts this rigor and is even part of her. “I am a perfectionist by nature, I even sort my wardrobe by colorshe laughs. But my sport helped me build my character even more. I learned to train with these methods. When I hear my coach shouting, it pushes me. This does not put me at a low point, on the contrary. It gives me energy and that’s why she does it. It’s not to destabilize me, it’s to tell me that I know how to do it. Even though it may seem military, that’s what I like“.

>> Norah Demierre: Discover her portrait:

Rhythmic gymnastics: portrait of the young Vaudoise Norah Demierre / RTS Sport / 3 min. / yesterday at 10:55 p.m.

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