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Military: “Preparing to launch additional North Korean reconnaissance satellites… “There are no signs of imminence.”

The launch of North Korea’s military reconnaissance satellite on November 21 last year. (Pyongyang Rodong Sinmun = News 1)

While our military plans to launch its second reconnaissance satellite early next month, North Korea has also been found to be preparing to launch its second reconnaissance satellite. However, our military reported that no signs of imminent launch have been detected.

Lee Seong-jun, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Public Affairs Office, said in a regular briefing on the 28th, “South Korea and the United States intelligence authorities are continuously tracking and monitoring North Korea’s military activities in close cooperation.” “There are activities to prepare for the launch of additional military satellites by North Korea, but so far (launch price) “There are no signs that it is imminent,” he said.

North Korea launched its first military reconnaissance satellite, ‘Manrikyeong-1’, on November 21 last year, and announced that it would launch three more this year. Since North Korea launched Unit 1 about 10 days before our military, there is talk of the possibility that Unit 2 will also be launched earlier than early April. Our military launched its first reconnaissance satellite on December 2 last year.

In particular, in April, there are major anniversaries in North Korea, such as the Day of the Sun (15th), the birthday of Chairman Kim Il-sung, and the founding anniversary of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army (25th), so North Korea may launch reconnaissance satellites to accomplish military tasks around these anniversaries. .

According to foreign media reports, movements of personnel, vehicles, and material deployment continue to be detected at the West Sea Satellite Launching Complex located in Dongchang-ri, Cholsan-gun, North Pyongan Province. Recently, there were reports that a shield was installed to prevent exposure to reconnaissance assets during the process of setting up the propellant on the launch pad.

In relation to this, Director Lee said, “I don’t know anything about the shielding part,” and added, “The North Korean military is currently conducting routine training, and the ROK-US alliance is preparing for the possibility of provocation.”

Every time North Korea launches a reconnaissance satellite or other artificial satellite, it notifies Japan in advance, which is in charge of adjusting warnings in the navigation area of ​​the western Pacific region, including the waters off the Korean Peninsula, according to the World Navigation Warning System (WWNWS).

North Korea claims that the launch of its reconnaissance satellite is a “legal right to strengthen its right to self-defense.”

(Seoul = News 1)

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